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Bitrix24 Features
Bitrix24 is a huge set of tools that will assist you in working
more efficiently and building your business wisely
Working with documents online
Working with documents online

There is an opportunity to work with documents using Google Docs, MS Office or locally on your machine.


Personal information storage for your company. Ability to exchange documents and multimedia content shared between colleagues.


Connect telephony or set up your own PBX. Bitrix24 provides an extensive range of opportunities for using telephony. Performing calls to both landlines and cell phones directly from the CRM

Company intranet
Company intranet

Conduct discussions and communicate swiftly and easily

Work in tasks and projects
Work in tasks and projects

Monitor deadlines, assign tasks and supervise the execution process


Sales increase due to business processes automation

HR tools
HR tools

Ability to create and modify the company structure, transparency for employees and executives

Bitrix24.Mail service
Bitrix24.Mail service

Integrate for free. You can use mailbox or any other domain that you have

Chats and video conferencing
Chats and video conferencing

Instant communication. Any device (calls are unlimited and free or charge)

Mobile APP
Mobile APP

Free application for mobile devices


Planning meetings and gatherings with employees

Create Your Bitrix
Your company or enterprise will work more effectively and its management will improve due to the introduction of Bitrix24.
How much does it cost. Cloud version

Fast Bitrix24 cloud portal creation in just less than 5 minutes of your time

Technical support of Bitrix24 team on any issues of the cloud version

Saving resources on maintenance and additional staff

Frequent updates of useful functionality

Plan Free Basic Standard Professional
What is this Plan for? Starter business tool suite Effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams Advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups Maximum sales and business process automation
1 month 0 $49 $99 $199
3 months 0 $147 $297 $597
1 year (-21/20%) 0 $420 $840 $1680
2 years (-29/30%) 0 $720 $1440 $2880
Unlimited 5 50 Unlimited
Online storage
5 Gb 24 Gb 100 Gb Unlimited
Tasks projects
Contact center
Sales Intelligence
CRM marketing
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Still do not have your Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 service helps to automate business processes, establish effective collaboration with customers, employees and partners. Wise utilization of the tools available in Bitrix24 will undoubtedly increase business performance in no time. Start using Bitrix24 now and see the difference!

Bitrix24 Self-Hosted

Flexibility: absolute freedom in changing the interface and business logic of the portal according to the company's needs

Creation of separate portals for the units, including the functionality of "Multidimensionality"

Security: all data is stored on your own server

You no longer need to buy a license every month. You can receive complete ownership of the product.

Edition Business Enterprise
Price $1.490 $2.990 $4.990 $8.990 $14.990 $24.990
Intranet Users UNLIM 50 100 250 500 1000
Extranet Users
Helpdesk & ticketing
Active Directory, SSO, NTLM
Multiple Divisions

Bitrix24 — CRM for Your Business for the Reasonable Cost

Bitrix24 will increase the efficiency of your business. For every entrepreneur, optimization of its work is always a priority. If you want to improve your business, you can order Bitrix24 CRM online.

Avivi is a trustworthy distributor of Bitrix24 products. The main feature and advantage of our company is a large team of experienced certified developers. In terms of the number of specialists and their skills, we are the number one company in the industry. We have experienced and skilled staff and a unique background that allows us to solve complex technical issues, carry out custom development of new functionality and implement new additions that consistently improve the Bitrix 24’s work.

Hence, Avivi creates its own products to improve Bitrix24 performance and expand this system’s capabilities. There are applications for the cloud and boxed versions, as well as different modules. Nowadays we have 14 add-ons of our own. For instance, one of Avivi’s applications — Time and Project Report Pro — has reached 16,000 downloads in two years and is in the TOP-10 list of the most popular applications for Bitrix24 in the whole world.

This demonstrates that Avivi services are distinguished by a professional approach to each individual client and case as we value quality. To put it simply, Avivi is all about expertise, since we have more than 50 experienced developers. We also do not limit ourselves to one place. We have 4 offices in different countries. Furthermore, we have a rich experience as we have completed more than 500 projects of ranging difficulties. Also, we have 8 competencies from the vendor alone.

Advantages of Cooperation with Avivi

You might wonder why to order Bitrix24 from Avivi. Our main advantage over the overwhelming majority of other partners is an individualized and integrated approach to implementation. Specifically, our team can resolve client issues through integration — purely setting up Bitrix24 or, based on a client’s wishes, using the customization, that is, changing or supplementing the program code. In other words, individual development of a full cycle. Thus, when contacting Avivi, a customer can be sure that our resources are fully sufficient to solve his/her problems. Some of our products solve the problematic points of Bitrix24 that cannot be overcome otherwise. Among them:

  • An ability to connect an unlimited number of user mailboxes to the boxed Bitrix24;

  • Combining duplicate CRM Entities at a request of a user without data loss;

  • Monitoring a degree of readiness of various projects in a visual presentation;

  • Using several currencies simultaneously on the box;

  • Translation of the Portal and/or admin panel into the desired language of a client.

Buy Bitrix24 CRM Online for the Best Price on Our Website

Bitrix24 prices vary - if talking about them we must say that Bitrix 24 CRM pricing depends on the service and the product you wish to buy. You can get the necessary minimum of the Bitrix cloud version for free. Further prices of Bitrix24 range depending on a certain period of time, storage, complexity, etc. We offer discounts for Bitrix24 from 5% to up to 40% of its cost. There are no limitations when it comes to the timing and the quantity. We can provide the best, high-quality product for a reasonable price, guaranteeing expertise, experience, and constant assistance. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we are always ready to help! Order Bitrix 24 CRM online now and transform your business!

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