CRM Implementation as the First Step in Client Loss Prevention

24 May 2017

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CRM Implementation as the First Step in Client Loss Prevention

In any sphere, a business dealing with clients needs total control, whether you want it or not. You may continuously resist regulations and planning, refuse corporate platforms and organized reporting system, but eventually it will lead to your making a lot of mistakes, losing clients, failing sales and having chaotic database files.

Though, as a modern businessman who values their time, you may go on the right path fr om the start and open productive communication with the clients fr om the implementation of the CRM system. This platform is crucial for any business, since it allows integration and centralized storage of any data connected with client collaboration.

But first things first – let’s examine who needs CRM systems, and why. As well as what problems may be solved with their help.

CRM is a right hand for sales department


If you confine yourself to the opinion that simplicity is a key to success, as we do, then you will need only a few options from your CRM system:

- simple integration and setup;
- user-friendly interface and navigation;
- easy access to databases and reporting systems.

From our point of view, CRM system should be transparent, convenient and comprehensible. Sales managers may change their workplace, get promoted or switch to another scope, so, it is important that a new employee can operatively immerse in collaboration with clients without workflow interruption.

In addition, every client collaboration has its own potential, and can be actualized at any moment (for instance, you may need your whole contact history for an upcoming meeting). If your CRM is complicated, and you have more than 1000 clients in the base, it may take lots of time and effort to get a report and data for a selected chain. On the contrary, if the system is well-designed and allows quick access to any clients’ case from the base, then you need only type in several letters of the contact name you are interested in to find it.

There is only one question left: wh ere can you find such a CRM which will not cause headache but rather free you from it forever?

Bitrix24 CRM: 10 compelling benefits for implementation

If you research the topic having in mind analysis and selection of modern CRM systems, existing top-10 list of the best platforms will come up, allowing you to choose which parameters best suit you. We have completed such investigations, and, as a result, we have chosen a CRM system which we would like to tell you about.

Bitrix24 CRM is our hero of the day, known to many entrepreneurs, especially those whose sites are developed on the basis of 1C Bitrix (for whom, by the way, integration of eponymous CRM is indicated by all parameters). But what are the virtues of this system that made us choose it from a large panel of possibilities?

1. Bitrix24 stands for reliability. Everyone who deals with client collaboration has heard about Bitrix24 and its potential. It is one of the most popular companies nowadays, which provides a broad range of tools for qualitative business support. Bitrix24 CRM is an accessible mechanism whose guarantee is backed up by the famous company name.

2. In Bitrix24 CRM, the client is in the center of the Universe. Each lead imprinted into the database becomes a potential client and gets a personal profile which, apart from general information with contact details, contains the history of calls and correspondance (manager’s mail is easily integrated into the system), attached files, bills (which, by the way, are also generated within the system), estimates, meeting calendars, comments and client’s behavioral patterns. Taking into account the full range of data concerning each lead, you will have comprehensive understanding of the client, and be able to build an interaction strategy based on the analysis of each action.

3. You can quickly link 1C to Bitrix24 CRM, which permits to use a valuable 1C tracker synchronizing offline and online deals. The tools open to synchronization and data uploading include 1C:Sales Management,1C:ERP, and 1C:Enterprise. You may upload any document, contact, link and any other potentially valuable data to align them with CRM online-service and its database.

4. Unique visit- and face-trackers with the functions of face recognition, social networks search, behavior estimation and tracking, as well as recording of conversations with potential clients. All these tools are indispensable in developing a unique proposal which will be appreciated by your client.

5. There is a possibility of telephony integration with Bitrix24 CRM. This may seem like an option which can just as well be used separately. But once you’ll have tested corporate telephony which acts other tools in an integrated manner, you’ll see how much may be analyzed in a single phone-call and how convenient it is to call-write-add comments on lead without switching between the services. You will certainly not refrain from having all these conveniences.

6. Time minimization – that’s what we aimed at while enhancing Bitrix24 CRM. Everything is designed for your convenience: if you want a filtered list for morning calls – it will take you just a moment, have a wish to sel ect specific groups of contacts or companies? – OK, use only specific data about the client for communication – it will take you 2 seconds to filter necessary parameters. No useless activities, no thousands of tabs leading to system freezes and other delays. The focus is on the manager’s convenience and competent work with a potential client.

7. Planning, and planning some more. Many people dislike it, but if you try you will be drawn in. It is really motivating to work out a plan of clients’ projects and to continuously move forward crossing out from the list the things you have already done. You may use Kanban, the system of cards with reminders and plans for activities which allows you to create a note about terms and dates, and to call the client without switching to another service. It is a state-of-the-art interactive organizer!

8. As the saying goes, there are two types of people: those who have already done backups and those who did not. With Bitrix24 CRM, you will always be in the first category. All your actions are saved in the history. If somebody mistakenly deletes something or enters data incorrectly, you can always restore valuable data or make corrections.

9. Robotechnics at its best! If you or your managers still fail to stay organized without assistance, you may benefit from robot’s facilitation. Yes, that’s just it! Robots and triggers are our indispensable allies. Robots can fulfil simple actions, such as giving hints or reminding whom and when you should call or write to. Furthermore, they can advance your interaction with a client on their own following a given scenario (for example, they can set communicative tasks, plan meetings at the optimum time, issue invoices and run advertisement). Triggers act like good elves that accompany a lead to a successful deal by automatically responding on claims and contacts from clients.

10. And, finally, our last “pro” is the simplicity of system implementation. The abundance of tools described in the previous 9 points might have created an impression that such rich functionalities are not easy to integrate with your client database. But we foresaw it from the very beginning, and we promise: your system implementation will be finished before you start worrying!

Bitrix24 CRM: the art of effortless integration

We know that it is impossible to disperse doubts only with promises. So, let’s tackle the question of Bitrix24 CRM integration in more detail.

If your site works on 1C Bitrix platform, then, integration with Bitrix24 CRM is literally created for you. The migration of data will be fulfilled automatically, and the following synchronization will upgrade each client’s status after any activity on the site.

And what about those whose sites are built on a different platform?

We urge them not to worry. Everything will be just as simple, only in ways different than with 1C sites.

In this case, what you need to do first, before proceeding to technical details, is to take a sheet of paper and write down all your system functionalities and unique tasks you want for your CRM. They will certainly be connected with clients and with control of interactions in “manager-client” chain. But what exact data are you going to track? What are you going to analyze? Will you keep track of deals and compose meeting calendars? Will you create sales vortexes? Integrate telephony and mail server? Do you have the intention to keep a full-fledged reporting of all sales managers’ actions (calls, letters, invoices etc.) solely in the system chosen?

Having outlined your tasks, you will understand which functional starter pack you will need after the implementation. Thus, you will once more save time on CRM customization.

ТTo begin working with Bitrix24, including the CRM-system, you need: a) to make a list of goals and objectives; b) go to our site and get access to a free demo version , changing it later to a paid one (depends on the amount of cloud space).

After registering and entering the necessary data, you will get access to Bitrix24, wh ere CRM is the "heart" of the platform. The first steps that you have to make are as follows:

- Add employees, indicating their level of access (to specific directories and types of information);
- Connect "Mail" by entering data about the company's mail server;
- Upload customer contacts in the "Contacts" section of the CRM, and data on companies - in the "Companies" (uploading is done automatically from your Exel files);
- Configure CRM partitions, based on the task plan that you arranged before the system was started;
- Carry out basic training for employees, introducing them to Bitrix24 as a corporate platform for exchanging and storing data, as well as with CRM itself for working with the client base.

Using the full potential of the CRM platform, as well as the entire Bitrix24 resource, you will be able to build not only a chain of interaction like "manager-client", but also internal communication "boss-manager" and "manager-manager". By analyzing the reports, the history of managers’ actions, the results of work with clients, creating posts in news feed and making online meetings without leaving your account, you will achieve a well-organized and structured work inside and outside your team.

CRM - the best way to solve problems in communication with the client

The main goal of any CRM, including Bitrix24, is to be your main help in all stages of interaction with clients. The search and receipt of new leads, their subsequent conversion to customers, as well as the stimulation of repeated treatment and transition to the status of a "loyal" customer is what our system was designed for. The control of each action is necessary so that you can always be in the center of events, without missing important details about the behavior and desires of your clients. A timely made appointment or a call, a properly chosen tone of communication, a timely offer of a product or service, is something that you can control in our CRM, regardless of the amount of data and the number of leads entered into it.

Remember, if you need any help - fr om a consultation to an integration of Bitrix24, we are always open to communication.

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