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Bitrix24 & Citrix: the one-way custom integration for automating the work of a product company

Quite often, Avivi's clients want to use two different systems together, one of which must be Bitrix24. They choose another platform according to the needs of business processes or personal preferences. This is exactly what happened this time, when it was necessary to create a custom integration of Bitrix24 with the well-known and popular Citrix. We invite you to find out how such collaboration is useful and how our clients from the product company have benefited.

10 reasons to upgrade Bitrix24 on-premises — Avivi's expert opinion

Avivi has extensive expertise in custom development for Bitrix24 on-premise. Over the years, we have systematized numerous similar requests from our customers who had unresolved difficulties with the local version. Bitrix24 is constantly updated, so in the latest versions of the product there are no such difficulties, although in the previous ones it is impossible to solve the problem even customarily. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our observations — perhaps it will be an incentive to dare to update with the Avivi team.

Operational management in the company and Avivi's experience in setting it up

Operational management is needed wherever there are multi-level business processes involving a certain number of employees, receipt and shipment of goods and planning of production capacity and time. For a long time of developing complex and complex IT solutions, we have gained special experience in this type of management, which we want to share with our readers.

Custom widget in Python using Dialogflow chatbot for WooCommerce site

Modern technologies make it possible to use effective automation tools, such as chatbots, in business. Dialogflow from Google can be considered one of the best, but in order for this technology to work with the site exactly as you need it, you need the help of qualified developers. In this article, we will talk about another successful project of custom Python development for a commercial website, which has several important and effective features.

Business process from "Start" to "End" — all you need to know from Avivi experts

If you imagine business processes as nothing more than pretty diagrams with geometric shapes and arrows, this article is for you. Avivi has been working on the implementation of business processes in IT projects for many years, so we know everything about their classification, purpose, implementation mechanisms and design methods. Here, we focus on the theoretical part of business processes, because the conversion of the planned process into code is a purely task of our developers.

Development of a Telegram bot that duplicates the tools of the personal account of customers on the website

Telegram bots are able to positively improve any business where the company's interaction with customers is important. Avivi customers, for whom our team is developing a powerful assistant in Python, have confirmed this. The bot will reduce to a minimum the human factor in communication with authorized buyers and the need to visit the site every time, it is always in touch simply on the user's smartphone and has practically unlimited opportunities for improvement. In this article, we will not consider a specific example of the Telegram bot and all its advantages.

A comprehensive solution for MLM business from Avivi

Modern network business is simply impossible without the use of digitalization achievements. There are already a large number of ready-made solutions on the market , each of which is worth a lot of money and positions itself as the best and universal. However, practice shows that the best software will be the one that best meets the needs of the business processes of a particular company , and in this article we will talk about exactly that.

The "Address" section`s fields customization in Bitrix24 and own drop-down lists

Saving customer addresses in the CRM entities is an extremely necessary contact information, without which a business is impossible. In general, Bitrix24 makes it possible to clearly indicate the address of a person or institution, and even to link the coordinates to an electronic map. But Avivi's clients needed special features to determine the address and our team created an effective solution using custom fields.

Why does Avivi love Python and what is this programming language capable of?

Throughout its history, Python has never lost its relevance, and the demand for developers is always high. We at Avivi have many years of programming experience in this language in individual projects. But over time, we faced a paradox: despite the constant rapid development of other technologies, the need for Python grows proportionally! What is the reason for the popularity and perspective of this language? We found out in this article.

A separate Python-made client portal, integrated with Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 integration expands the possibilities of your business and allows you to realize almost any wishes of the client. In this article, we talk about just such a case. The value of the project lies in 100% satisfaction of the client's requirements, since the integration of Bitrix24 was not with any service, but with a custom product from the Avivi team that most accurately meets the needs of the customer.

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