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How to add product image on admin order creation page in Magento 2?

Placing customer orders in the online store is always a responsible matter. Ideally, your employee should be well-versed in product names and article numbers to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. But if there are many products, then only letters and numbers can simply confuse anyone. In this article, experienced developer Avivi shares his experience of creating a module for Magento 2 that allows administrators to see product images when placing orders.

Using Python libraries to develop a crypto bot trading strategy

The use of libraries for different programming languages has always been a controversial issue: on the one hand, it speeds up development, on the other hand, it makes the project less unique and more dependent on third-party solutions. However, there are libraries, the use of which is not just useful, but simply indispensable, especially in the development of WEB 3.0 projects. Experienced developer Avivi talks about just such a case.

How to successfully pass Google PageSpeed in pursuit of eCommerce site optimization?

Each eCommerce project requires not only expert development, but also qualified technical support. Page loading speed is an important indicator that is always taken into account by the search engine. Even the best project eventually gets filled with bugs and content that significantly affect speed. In this article, experienced developer Avivi talks about Google PageSpeed and points out the parameters that affect the success of the tests.

How to avoid many problems in the development of a large eCommerce project on Magento 2 — the vision of a project manager

The final result directly depends on the quality of project management. It is important to remember this both at the beginning of work and at intermediate stages, when active work is taking place, but the whole picture is not yet visible. Experienced project manager Avivi shares observations from many years of experience in managing eCommerce projects and points out typical situations, the anticipation of which significantly improves work, eliminates misunderstandings or even conflicts and, of course, saves possible costs.

Solving the problem of Internet-Acquiring for an online store on Magento 2 and the LiqPay payment system

Avivi company has extensive experience in developing online stores of any complexity. Since 2020, we have been actively working with the Magento 2 platform and have made good progress in this direction. In this article, a professional developer of online stores shares his experience in solving problems that allow payments to be made on the site using Internet-Acquiring.

Advantages of using local applications for Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is chosen for its incredibly wide range of functionality and ease of use. But there is not always what you need here. Local applications can correct the situation - additional software that expands the capabilities of cloud and on-premises Bitrix24 and fully meets the needs of your business. This article from a professional Bitrix24 developer, who has extensive experience in creating and configuring various applications, talks about the possibilities of additional functionality and the specifics of using it in your system.

How the Telegram bot from Avivi can improve business efficiency

Telegram bots are gaining more and more popularity among various online businesses. Avivi already wrote about the creation of Telegram bots before, but quite a lot of time has passed since then and new development opportunities have been added. During this time, our developers created many different bots for Telegram and Discord and were able to see for themselves the positive dynamics of business growth after implementing our solutions. In this article, one of the experienced bot developers from our team shares his experience and highlights the main advantages of bots.

Features of posts preview creating in various social networks on React & TypeScript

The modern frontend makes extensive use of React capabilities to create flexible and fast products. This programming language is not only popular and promising, but also irreplaceable in some specific cases. In this article, we will talk about a difficult task at the MVP stage of a unique service for creating publications in various social networks BePosted, which was worked on by an experienced developer of Avivi.

"Is FastAPI really better than Django in 2024?" — the opinion of the developer Avivi

Python steadily occupies the position of one of the leaders among modern programming languages both among developers and among customers of IT products. However, among the numerous frameworks of this programming language, if not an open struggle, then, rather, a healthy competition. Unfortunately, quite often our clients or young specialists do not fully understand the meaning of different frameworks, so today we will talk about a fairly common question: "Which framework is better?"

Custom grouping of chats in Bitrix24 — like in Telegram, by Avivi

Chats in Bitrix24 are one of the favorite sections of the portal for all employees, because this is where lively business communication and personal and informal conversations take place. One of the disadvantages of the Bitrix24 chat is that there can be an extremely large number of dialogues, but there are no tools to manage them. Avivi was approached by clients with the task of developing a functionality for grouping chats. This idea arose from customers while using Telegram, where such opportunities already exist.

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