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Implementation of Bitrix24 for modern logistical solutions

We enjoy sharing information on the Bitrix24 introduction projects realized by Avivi's team. This time we are happy to share a case where Bitrix24 has been selected as the main tool for the Vector Logistics logistical company.

5 advices for working with Bitrix24 CRM

Quite often, CRM-system owners underestimate the capabilities of the tool with which they work. Are you using the functionality to its full potential? Setting up purchase funnels, communication between colleagues, process automation, possible integrations with Bitrix24 — learn more in this article.

Bitrix24 and YouTube integration

As you know, there is no ready-made integration between Bitrix24 and YouTube. But that does not mean the users, who carry out their activities by means of YouTube, do not need it. Our software specialists studied video hosting API and figured out the advantages you get if you make a customized connection with Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 vs Jira

09 September 2021

Valeriia Hodleska


Bitrix24 vs Jira
Bitrix24 vs Jira

This article, based on the numerous requests, compares the ERP functionality of the popular project management platform and tasks Jira with Bitrix24. Find out about the differences between the software products as well as convenient options for using each of them and make the right choice for yourself.

 Robots and triggers in Bitrix24: what are their capabilities?

When talking about automatization, the words like "robots" and "triggers" can be often heard. And, if the first one is quite well-known, the second one is still a mystery for many. Both of these concepts come across quite often in Bitrix24 in terms of business processes. Read about this in our new, easy-to-understand Avivi's blog article.

Why Kanban is missing on Bitrix24 Tasks and where to find it?

Tasks and Projects in Bitrix24 are one of the main advantages of the Portal, however, many users have a question as to why, when switching to this block, there is no Kanban display type. We found an explanation and reviewed the features of this functionality in the new article on Avivi's blog.

CRM for $2,700 — is it possible?

To introduce or create a CRM from scratch for $10,000 is possible for everyone, but what about a $2,700 budget? Some will consider this almost impossible, while others believe that this budget is enough for a small customized system or a low grade sample solution. If you believe the same, you, obviously, do not know a thing about Bitrix24 and desperately need to read this article. 

Corporate portal Bitrix24 to improve the efficiency of HR tasks

The successful work of employees largely depends on the atmosphere in the office. Corporate portal Bitrix24 is useful not only to organize work processes, but also to provide the timely execution of various HR tasks, as well as a the possibility to organize the leisure time of your company's employees

Updated Bitrix24 plans: how to choose the right one?

Price changes for Bitrix24 rarely happen, however, many people experience difficulties keeping up with the plan which contains balanced tools for conducting a business. This article reviews in detail the updated August 2021 plans and compared them with other CRM pricing. 

The development of the customized functionality to structure files in Bitrix24 Tasks

What should I do if I need to store files specifically in Tasks and not in the comments section? Clients from Italy addressed Avivi with such issues, and very soon received a completed customization which allows them to do exactly what they need. This article features the solution to a specific issue and will provide reassurance that professional developers can do everything.

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