A comprehensive solution for the development of infobusiness through the Discord bot from Avivi

31 January 2024

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
A comprehensive solution for the development of infobusiness through the Discord bot from Avivi

Discord continues to gain more and more popularity among users from all over the world as a promising platform for communication and business. In previous blog articles We already told Avivi about the possibilities of Discord, and in the article "The one spot solution for posting all types of messages…” described their own solution for mass creation of posts and management of private channel participants. Today, more and more companies are transferring communication to Discord because of a number of advantages for corporate use. However, today we will talk about the created solution, or rather a complex of several solutions, which allows you to organize an information business.

Prerequisites of the project

Our customers from The Crucible, USA, had a goal: to teach people how to make money with unique courses developed on the personal experience of the founders of the company. They chose Discord as a platform for content distribution. This is really the best solution that allows you to set your own rules, unlike most streaming services or, say, video hosting. In Discord, it is possible to run several servers with different topics or directions, each of which can have separate channels. Due to this, you can structure your business exactly as you need and control every single moment.

However, only one Discord is not enough for the full realization of a business idea. The Avivi company has been operating since 2007, so we are well versed in such things and understand the specifics of our clients' ideas. In each of these projects, a client part is needed — a place where interested persons can get information about the product (courses), get answers to questions and make payment. This is a minimum list of what should be foreseen in the future project.


Sometimes, in such cases, the possibilities of modern social networks are enough. A profile on Instagram or Facebook is quite enough to direct a potential client to the right place. However, in this case, the issue of payment remained unresolved. In our case, there was an additional condition here, since The Crucible offers a choice of paying with fiat money or cryptocurrency. Therefore, the most effective solution was the custom development of the landing page page, which solved several project problems at once:

  • Possibility of different payment methods;

  • Placement of comprehensive information about training in the format required by customers;

  • Creating a positive image;

  • Obtaining contact data and agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy;

  • An independent and upgradeable component of the entire IT project.

Stages of development

In general, the entire project can be divided into several parts: development of the landing page (design, frontend and backend), Discord bot development and integration with the application Discord, integration of parts with each other and with third services. And, by the way, there are two such services: a payment system for fiat money and a payment system for cryptocurrencies. Let's look at each stage in more detail and focus on the most interesting places.


This stage is important, but we are unlikely to tell you anything interesting or new here. We offered the customer a professional layout, created by our designer, in accordance with the thematic direction of the courses. We have done a good job on UX/UI and have foreseen most possible situations for customers.


It is worth mentioning the choice of programming language for the entire project. Of course, it is Python that is best suited for such projects: both the creation of small websites and the development of bots for Discord, Telegram and other services and the creation of integrations with third-party software. Using Python at all stages of the project allows for optimization of the team and generally increases the security of the entire process. The landing page administrator has access to all available and saved information through the control panel.


The first thing to say is the integration of the site and the bot. This solution works through a RESTful API. It is this approach that ensures the high speed of the entire system, and is also the basis for possible scaling of the project in the future. It is the backend landing page interacts with payment systems, which is a key point for further work with customers. So, the visitor on the website chooses a payment method on the website (currently, a single tariff applies to all customers):

  • Fiat money — integration with the Stripe payment system is used. Avivi has a long and successful experience of working with the API of this payment system in previous projects;

  • Cryptocurrency — an integration with the Taylor (TAY) service has been created, which supports many popular cryptocurrencies and has the necessary APIs.

In any case, the payment services transfer the transaction ID to the Discord bot for further identity verification and an invitation in the form of a link to Discord.

Another important process is the generation of emails. The system sends the first e-mail immediately after confirming the payment. There is an ID that will be provided to Discord to verify the user's identity. The second letter will arrive one day before the end of the paid period (29 days) and the last one, with a notice of termination of services, will arrive in the absence of a new payment (on the 30th day).

Discord bot

Now the most interesting. Created by Avivi, the bot for Discord tracks payments from users and their access to servers and channels. We would like to say that if the user does not yet have a Discord account, when he clicks on the invitation link in the first email, he will be taken to the main Discord page in the browser, where he can immediately create an account. In the future, if there is a downloaded application, all subsequent links are automatically transferred here, and not to the browser.

The bot passes the new user to the Main server and performs verification: you need to insert the ID from the first letter. In the future, the user can join two other servers offered by the bot: for each of the cases, the bot sends a separate invitation to the mail. This is a security requirement that our customers insisted on: links are unique and intended for one user only. Therefore, several people cannot get to the server using the same link.

After all confirmations, the user gets access to three servers and all channels that have already been created or will be created in the future. Now they have access to all the content in the channels. Access is open for 30 calendar days. If the bot does not receive data on the next payment, the user is automatically removed from all Discord servers. All previous links are deactivated.


This is what a modern complex solution from Avivi looks like for the development of information business using Discord. We implemented the technical task of our clients, but any element of the project can always be customized or supplemented. In addition to the software part, it is also worth mentioning the hardware part, because a separate server was needed to implement the project. Since all components are on a common server and are created in the Python programming language, there are no problems with the interaction of software parts. Of course, the further success of the project depends on the content of our customers. But from the side of the developers, we have created all the necessary technical conditions for business prosperity. We will be happy to help implement your ideas!

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