A solution for hiding phone numbers from users in Bitrix24 CRM Entities from Avivi

11 January 2024

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
A solution for hiding phone numbers from users in Bitrix24 CRM Entities from Avivi

A phone number is not just a key for direct contact with a specific person or organization, but also an important component of personal data of each subscriber. Phone numbers are used to register various services that provide for alternative ways of communicating with the subscriber, for example through messengers WhatsApp or Telegram; phone numbers are hunted by marketing companies for aggressive promotion of goods and services. Only for providing a telephone number (own or corporate) some companies offer significant bonuses as an incentive (so-called "lead magnets"). That is why keeping the numbers of your customers or contractors confidential is an important business issue and subject to control by the relevant governmental and international organizations.

Bitrix24 phone numbers

Many functions of Bitrix24 are closely related to the use and processing of telephone numbers. You can invite new members of the company's Corporate Portal purely by phone number, provide access to certain information, send messages and even make a voice call. Of course, phone numbers are the most valuable for CRM entities, as they are used in the Leads, Deals, Contacts, and Companies cards. The system even provides separate fields for personal and work phone numbers, as well as adding fields in case a person or company has several numbers — all for close and unhindered communication with clients or counterparties.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the phone number for CRM users using standard Bitrix24 tools. Moreover, it does not make sense, because, let's say, for the effective work of the manager, communication with the client by phone number is extremely important. So, if you simply do not show the number, the manager will not be able to contact the right person or company, which makes the entire business process of working with customers meaningless.

You need something else: the ability to hide phone numbers from certain users while preserving their use — voice calls through Bitrix24, sending messages in social networks, etc. It is for this purpose that the Avivi company developed the module "Phone number hider” for on-premise editions of Bitrix24.

What is our solution capable of?

The new module is primarily needed to protect your Bitrix24 phone number database from unauthorized use by staff. Our solution does not encrypt the database, but works only in the interface part of the Bitrix24 Portal. Under such conditions, the selected user cannot see, edit or copy the phone number, but can fully use this data for work.

Module "Phone number hider” is compatible with PHP version 8.1 and intended for use only in on-premise editions of Bitrix24. Its work does not overlap the methods of system operation and does not impose an additional load that can affect the performance of its work. To install the module, access to the administrative control panel of the Portal is required.

Колаж модуля сокриття.png

After installation and settings of access rights, the module hides phone numbers in CRM entity cards:

  • Ice;

  • Context;

  • Company;

  • Agreement;

  • as well as in Bitrix24 open lines.

The Portal administrator grants access rights to users — more precisely, extends the sphere of influence of the module to individuals or entire departments in the company's structure, for which phone numbers will be hidden in the future. Once the changes are saved, these users cannot see, change or copy phone numbers. Currently, by default, part of the digits in the number are replaced by "*" symbols (the last 3-4 digits are displayed correctly). However, if necessary, you can choose other methods of applying the mask:

  • full replacement;

  • substitution of random numbers;

  • another version of the mask according to the individual wishes of the client.

At the same time, the employee with limited rights retains the ability to make phone calls, communicate in applications integrated with open lines, etc.

Phone nunber hider.pngIt is worth noting that the phone number of a person or company is hidden in all possible cases and on all Entity cards. If the employee decides to edit the CRM card, the fields with phone numbers will simply be missing for him. And in the case of receiving a notification, for example, the appearance of a new Lead from an open telephone line, the number will also be displayed according to the selected mask. For the rest of the users of your company, there are no changes in the work with cards and phone numbers.

Finally, let's emphasize that the work of the module extends to both browser and desktop, as well as mobile versions of Bitrix24. With the solution "Phone number hider” from Avivi, the phone numbers of your customers and counterparties are securely hidden from anyone who has a special non-target interest in them. For questions about the purchase and installation of the module from Avivi, contact the managers of our company at the address hello@avivi.pro.

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