Advantages of using local applications for Bitrix24

6 May 2024

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Mykhailo Kozhuhivsky

Backend Developer

Mykhailo  Kozhuhivsky
Advantages of using local applications for Bitrix24

About the author: Mykhailo Kozhuhovskyi, a middle PHP developer with more than 5 years of development experience in the Bitrix24 framework. Implemented CRM, developed business processes and created local applications and modules for on-premise Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is a business management platform that includes a wide range of tools for automating various aspects of a company's operations. One of the important components of this platform is local applications that complement the basic functionality of Bitrix24 and allow users to expand the capabilities of the system to suit their needs.

Here are some typical Bitrix24 local applications:

  1. Applications for automation of business processes. These applications allow you to create and configure various business processes according to the needs of your company. For example, sales automation, application processing, project management, etc;

  2. Applications for work with clients. These apps help you manage your customer base, interact with them, track communication history, and other aspects of your customer experience;

  3. Applications for internal communication and collaboration. These apps allow employees to interact, share documents, create collaborative tasks, and more;

  4. Applications for working with documents. These apps help you organize your documents, manage collaborative projects, share documents with colleagues, and more;

  5. Applications for analytics and reporting. These applications allow you to analyze data about your company's activities, build reports and plan business development.

Local applications in Bitrix24 allow you to create specialized solutions for various business sectors and individual needs of the company. They allow you to use the capabilities of the Bitrix24 platform as effectively as possible to optimize work processes and achieve business goals.

The main advantages of Bitrix24 local applications

Local applications in Bitrix24 have several advantages that allow users to make the most of this platform for their needs. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Customization and customization: On-premises applications allow users to create solutions that fully meet their specific needs and business requirements. They can be adapted to the specific processes and requirements of your company;

  2. Expanding functionality: Local applications allow you to expand the basic functionality of Bitrix24, providing users with new opportunities and tools for work;

  3. Integration with other systems: With the help of local applications, you can easily integrate Bitrix24 with other systems used in your business. This allows you to automate data exchange and optimize work processes;

  4. Scalability: On-premises applications can scale as your business grows. They allow you to support and optimize work processes even in large companies with a large number of employees and customers;

  5. Security and privacy: Local applications allow you to store your data on your own servers or in a cloud service with a high level of protection and privacy.

In general, local applications in Bitrix24 allow users to use this platform as efficiently as possible to automate various aspects of their business and achieve their business goals. They allow you to create customized solutions that fully meet the needs of your company and allow you to be more competitive in the market.

Case from a developer of local applications for Bitrix24

Now, in theses, I will give an example of a useful local application that I had the opportunity to implement:

  1. An extensive local application was developed, consisting of several smaller modules. This allows me to create complex solutions that fully meet the client's business needs;

  2. The main purpose of my application is to make sales easier. I created a tool for transferring the deal and its further processing from one application to another, which allows managers to more effectively manage the sales process, while increasing productivity and efficiency;

  3. Each smaller module was responsible for a specific task, for example, confirmation of the correctness of the agreement, sending for revision, generation of documents necessary for the agreement, shipments, a general dashboard for a more detailed view of statistics on agreements and much more;

  4. Another important aspect of the application is its integration with ShipStation to generate labels and calculate shipping costs. This allows the manager to automate the process of sending goods and reduce the time needed to process orders.

Among all the possible advantages of using local applications, it is worth emphasizing possible potential problems when creating applications, namely:

  1. Correct connection. It is important to write the path to your application correctly; screen 1.png

  2. Do not forget that your application must be on a server with the https protocol;

  3. It is also important to give your application the appropriate rights, because it often happens that you try to access elements for which you do not have rights.screen 2.png

Applications for Bitrix24 from Avivi

As of this writing, the Avivi team has developed more than 100 different applications and modules for the Bitrix24 platform. Among them are applications of all levels (with one-way integration and two-way, without an interface part and with its own display in the Portal), highly specialized solutions for a specific customer, and applications for mass use by all interested parties. It should be noted that the development of an application that works equally in the Cloud version and on-premise takes about 30% more time than a module purely for the Bitrix24 server edition.

I am sure that each of you can find something useful in the gallery of applications from Avivi:

But in any case, our team and I personally are always ready to develop an individual solution for you that will meet the needs of your business. So if you have ideas but don't have an app yet, share them with the Avivi managers and let's create a new local app for Bitrix24 together.

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