Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

30 January 2019

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Vyacheslav Askerov


Vyacheslav Askerov
Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

The Bіtrix24.Oscar awarding ceremony has already become a traditional event for business integrators and developers who have connected their activities with one of the best products for business promotion in the world. Oscar in the Bitrіx24 community means quite a lot:

  • an indicator of productivity;

  • an incentive to develop partnerships;

  • a benchmark of success for other companies, which they have something to aspire to.

It is possible to get the reward in different ways. The most important thing is to bring in something new in the development of the entire affiliate network and the Bitrix24 product  itself. You can also succeed in marketing, organizing events, selling license agreements or custom development. There were just 10 nominations and a lot of nominees.

Avivi Company was announced in the nomination “Restart of the Year”. According to the top-management of Bitrix24, this nomination concerns companies that have been Gold Partners for a very long time, but changed something radically in the previous 2018. It could be a rebranding, a change in marketing strategy or the development of new markets. Globally, nominee companies have become the most active participants in the development of the Bitrіx24 community and have made every effort to do so. And Avivi was the best one.

The honorary award has already taken place in the Avivi company for all to see. And the positive emotional charge motivates the team not to slow down on the way to new heights. Indeed, in 2018 we made a big leap to other markets and are working with more than 20 countries all over the world now. But there are many more countries, and Bitrix24 is becoming increasingly popular. So we are definitely not going to stop and  are waiting exactly for You!

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