Bitrix24 and YouTube integration

16 September 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav Nahnybida
Bitrix24 and YouTube integration

How is YouTube useful for you?

Watching videos on various social networks takes up a lot of our time. Sometimes, we don't even realize how much information we perceive out of such videos or ads. Thus, a number of businesses started to promote themselves by various means, and one of them is posting videos on YouTube, which, by the way, stays the most popular video hosting platform for many years in a row. Users watch approximately one billion videos daily. That's indeed quite an effective additional marketing opportunity for your company. Since Bitrix24 works with any business area, the integration with YouTube is yet another promising way of development. Let's find out what the combination of these two platforms can result in.

How do YouTube and Bitrix24 work together?

As you already know, Bitrix24 offers a number of various ready-made integrations. However, if you try looking up YouTube in Bitrix24.Market, you will not find anything. Don't give up just yet, as the professional Avivi developers can find YouTube and Bitrix24 APIs and, by studying both, develop a customized application based on them. It will allow to use the advantage of YouTube in collaboration with Bitrix24 both cloud and box editions.

A small reference for those who are not sure what API is. The abbreviation stands for Application Programming Interface, which in English stands for application programming interface or the programming interface of the application. This is the way through which one computer program can interrelate with another. The main API purpose is to allow software specialists to make the development and customization of applications through the ready-made code significantly easier.

YouTube and Bitrix24 connection terms

Requesting an integration, you get a number of advantages of using YouTube directly from Bitrix24. You would be able to:

●      download content;

●      add comments to the video;

●      respond to comments from other users;

●      create, delete or edit playlists;

●      create various lists based on users;

●      add a lead card directly from the comments under the video.

scrnli_15-09-2021_12-58-47 (1).png

However, there are some restrictions imposed by YouTube in the form of shares on the number of actions per day. For instance, you receive 10,000 share units per day, and loading a video on your channel takes 1,600 share units. But we can solve this issue as well, because YouTube allows us to increase the number of shares for free. To make it work, you will need to fill out the detailed application with the additional data regarding your account.

Thus, you can integrate Bitrix24 with your channel and receive additional benefits. For example, to make deals from an ordinary comment and add new leads for further processing. This is a big deal in info business, as well as if you are engaged in the creation of paid content or sales of various learning courses.


The future belongs to the video, everyone knows that. Unverified sources hold Instagram to be fully shifting to video format in the nearest future. Nowadays, everyone knows how important the ad channels are for any type of business.  If you are actively posting on the channel of your company or planning to start a YouTube activity, we will be happy to help you set up customization and benefit from such a promising integration. Bitrix24 indeed can make a great deal for your business. Therefore, address the Avivi professionals for a free consultation, and we would be happy to assist you.

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