Bitrix24 vs. HubSpot

26 July 2019

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
Bitrix24 vs. HubSpot

More and more often our employees are asked about Bitrix24 as an alternative to the popular Western-style CRM-system called HubSpot. Such interest is caused, first of all, by the high rating of the latter according to the estimates of various business publications. For example, the Capterra resource recognizes HubSpot as the most convenient, most affordable and most popular system among its users. And Finances Online assigned the program a special expert award in 2018. Of course, seeing such indicators is very easy to lose a head and already start registering to subscribe to the HubSpot ... But let's hold on our blaze and look more critical, because here is not everything so simple and rosy.

Purpose of the platform

HubSpot positions itself as a tool for automating in-bound marketing and sales. Actually, first of all, as a CRM-system that helps B2B companies attract new visitors to the site, convert them into leads and deals and thus increase profits. Bitrix24 is a set of tools for improving business, one of which is CRM. In addition, this include tools for collaborating with your team, managing this team and executing projects, reporting and visualizing business analytics.

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Thus, Bitrix24 has a much larger functionality than HubSpot. Therefore, in this case, it will be correct to compare more CRM capabilities, politely dropping, for example, the entire block of Tasks, on which Bitrix24 clearly leads. There are common platforms for ice capture from websites through the introduction of widgets, from e-mail, through the integration of telephony, as well as from social channels.

It is also important to mention the placement of platforms. As we recall, Bitrix24 is available in the cloud and server edition, available on iOS, Windows, Android and as a web application. HubSpot is a completely cloud-based service that accesses through a browser or mobile application.

For whom it’s expected?

Initially, the HubSpot was created primarily for marketing and sales departments. That is why this product has quickly gained popularity in the respective circles and is still at the focus of attention. This is how the HubSpot uses the chart in the world, where nearly a quarter of all CRM users are marketers.

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Of course, the developers assure that their product is suitable for everyone, but honestly admit the disadvantages. HubSpot is bad for retailers, including off-line stores and various retail networks. Also, the product is not suitable for solving custom individual CRM tasks where you need to create business processes. HubSpot is good for a typical business, the same in algorithms in different spheres. And another hub of the HubSpot is a large workforce. If you have more than 200 employees, look for another CRM.

Bitrix24 is more flexible than all other features. Here you can customize business processes, keep track of clients not from the Internet and much more. This is important for every single business: for example, if a salesperson must approve a commercial proposition to a client before sending, then Bitrix24 can set up a business process for that. Failure to fulfill its conditions will simply not miss the correspondence in the mailbox, no matter how the manager tried. HubSpot cannot do this.

The availability of the on-premise version does not imply any restrictions on the possible number of employees.

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Thus, Bitrix24 has many more features to use. However, the presence of a big functionality makes the system more cumbersome and ramified in comparison to HubSpot. Therefore, the latter wins here in simplicity for the user, the convenience of the interface and fewer all kinds of settings.

Another important detail: HubSpot does not have localizations in many world languages, although the characteristics indicated that they should be. This may cause some difficulties for employees. Bitrix24 has already been translated into 18 languages and this list is growing fast.

Is it really free?

Another important argument that attracts users to HubSpot is the price. More precisely, its lack when using CRM. Well, that's true, but not without a marketing color. Indeed, HubSpot CRM is completely free and does not even have limitations on the number of records. However, you are waiting for some minor inconveniences that are intended for the purchase of expansion packets: the user's history of actions is limited to seven days, the product label in accessible to everyone places on the site, the limitations on the number of templates for letters, and much more.

The requiring payment packages start at a price of $50 per month and provide for an immediate annual subscription (minimum $600 in a year). Among them there are sales automation, automation of marketing activities, designer for the creation of landscaping and automation customer service.

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Also, the mandatory training sessions are waiting for new subscribers on commercial tariffs, which are worth the money. During its time (10 lessons) you will get an analysis of your work and a set of tips for using the tools specifically for your business. The effect of the training is dubious: of course, there is nothing advisable to do anything bad, but every business is so unique that it's not always the tips that will hit the target precisely.

Even the free cloud rate Bitrix24 (Project) provides the analogues of paid bonuses from HubSpot. Of course there will be many restrictions here, but for a small company of up to 12 people and up to 10 business processes, the free version will be more than enough. The minimum bit rate fee in Bitrix24 is $69 per month, but it can be purchased up to 1 month. And it’s similar with the training.

How about integrations?

Both HubSpot and Bitrix24 use an open API. Briefly and simply - both platforms can be integrated with anything that also uses the API. For both platforms, multiple ready-made integrations with third-party software products and services has already been created. However, since HubSpot is designed in the West, there are no ready-made integration with platforms which are popular in CIS.

Another “bargaining chip” is hidden in the on-premise Bitrix24. In addition to third-party integration, this edition provides for custom modifications within the program itself. The cloud HubSpot will always remain the way developers have created it for you.


So, we reviewed the main differences between Bitrix24 and HubSpot. The main thing that you can understand for yourself: HubSpot is suitable for small companies, marketing departments or sales through well-functioning algorithms. The customizing of processes here is not particularly welcome. Pricing policy is very peculiar and free, in essence, there is only CRM. HubSpot is very simple and user friendly, but may not speak your language.

Bitrix24, in contrast to HubSpot, has a wide range of functionality and flexibility to apply directly to your business. The free version of Bitrix24 is almost equivalent to the minimum paid version of HubSpot, other pricing is different from the competitive ones in favor of customers.

It remains only to admire the achievements of HubSpot marketers in terms of promoting their product and turn to our company by demonstrating the capabilities of Bitrix24.

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