Bitrix24 vs Jira

9 September 2021

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Valeriia Hodleska


Valeriia Hodleska
Bitrix24 vs Jira

Historical reference 

Jira service is owned by the Australian company Atlassian. Interesting fact: the name comes from the word "Gojira" — which means Godzilla in Japanese. The system was first launched in 2002. Initially, Jira was created as a system for software development, but later on it has been applied as an instrument to manage and assign tasks and projects. In 2012, after the launch of Atlassian Marketplace, the process of versatility has speeded up which helped the third-party developers to offer project management plug-ins for Jira.

The history of the development of Bitrix24 is described in a separate article on our blog. 


Jira is available as a SaaS service exclusively. The following platforms are supported: browsers, mobile apps and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Bitrix24 comes with both the cloud service and the box edition. Here, with the assistance of our partners, you will be able to develop various individual business solutions and add any possible functionality. In Jira, you only have the possibility to use the ready-made functionality. 


Jira service is used for effective management of various projects, but most frequently the app is chosen by IT-companies to account for bugs in computer and mobile applications, as you can also track the whole lifecycle of the software. The software allows you to create tasks and track their accomplishment, while the whole process is recorded and controlled in the system beginning from the goals setting to the tasks accomplishment. For each type of project, Jira can select unique components and configure access rights for specific participants. The system combines such modern approaches such as Scrum and Kanban, and it has a large set of tools especially for developers.

The great disadvantage is the language layout in Jira —it simply does not exist, and the application is only available in English. Cloud Bitrix24 has 18 languages, and if you have the box edition, the Avivi company can provide the full translation of the Portal and admin panel into any language. Also, in Jira, unlike Bitrix24, there is no backup of data in several locations.

Within the general impression, we can note the lack of internal communication capabilities in Jira. That's a significant omission for the ERP system, as it makes it more dependent on the third-party software which, as a result, increases the total amount paid for the usage. In Bitrix24, the employees have the possibility to communicate within the system using any possible channel: either it is a chat or a videoconference with up to 48 participants.  


The interaction with other programs plays an important role in the evaluation of any ERP system. The presence of ready-made integrations helps the consumer to make a choice in the direction of the more convenient and effective system to work with. Considering the integration of Bitrix24 and Jira, we can conclude that Bitrix24 has many more ready-made collaborations with various services.

Bitrix24 vs Jira services integrations variety

The availability of the various add-ons is aimed at the diversified development of your company from convenient ways to communicate with the client to modern accounting systems. Jira, on the other hand, is more focused on optimizing the performance of the employees tasks for IT companies only.

Tariff plans

There are three payment options for Jira: one-time payment, monthly payment or annual subscription. The application has three tariff plans: Free, Standard and Premium.  The free of charge tariff plan can accommodate a maximum of 10 users, while in Bitrix24 an unlimited number. Standard tariff plan can be used for $7 per person per month, in Premium — $14 for each account. 

Bitrix24 continues to remain the favorite for the lowest price on the business software market. The Standard Bitrix 24 cloud tariff plan costs $2 per person. And with the Professional tariff plan of $150 per month you get the portal with an unlimited number of users.  You must admit that this is more than 10 users in Jira for almost the same money. 

Jira Tariff plans 08 september 2021


For itself, Jira leaves the impression of a powerful system, but only for creating, managing and controlling tasks. Bitrix24 is the set of tools that covers significantly wider opportunities for your business. Since in this article we considered only tools for managing projects and tasks, all other Bitrix24 capabilities which are also available to employees without additional payments were left out. But, of course, the final choice is up to you. 

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