The Benefits of Business Process Automation

16 June 2017

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The Benefits of Business Process Automation

Why is there a common trend for automation everywhere in the world? Not because we are all turning into soulless robots, but because it is in human nature to seek maximum comfort. Once you’ve realized how easy and freeing the automated process is, you will never want to go back to manual labor.


Who needs automation, and why?


Logically, the more we automatize processes which take time and effort, the more time we have to develop in other spheres. We need automation for customer service, optimization of interaction between employees, and finally, for loyalty programs for long-term clients.


Where we lacked enthusiasm or working hours with humans, automation turns dreams into reality by accomplishing what we could not. Isn’t that amazing?

However, you must understand two limits: a) you can’t automatize the spheres in which you are in total chaos, and b) to prevent your employees from laziness, you should train them to use automated tools.


In their minds, it should not seem like intelligent machines are taking over, but rather that they are assisting them. Each manager should understand their role and the advantages of automation; which have been shown by performance indicator.


Let’s take the illustrative example of Nick, manager of the sales department. Before automation, he had to manually fill in Excel tables with results of calls to clients; red marks for successful deals, and green for hang-ups. The handy CRM system, which has been introduced to the department, provides him with a considerable assistance: all the data has been imported, the telephony has been linked to the system, and all status calls are updated automatically. As a result, Nick now has a free working hour. But this does not mean that he should not use this hour productively; Nick should get new motivational goals. For instance, he should now increase the efficiency of his calls by 10 per cent either by increasing the amount of daily calls or by better negotiating to receive more positive answers.


Any automation should show the employees that they have less boring routine work, but more motivational goals and opportunities. There is no need to fill in tons of tables and manually write out received information, nor to constantly keep track of correlations. These things can be conveniently automated nowadays. Thus, managers may focus on strategies of customer intake and sales promotion.


Does labor organization boost sales?


Let’s imagine that you have organized your team work ideally: everybody keeps the pace, shows worthy performance, and there are no arguments or complaints.


Can we state in this case that it is labor organization that influences sales results? Does it prove that a chaotic team will have worse sales?

Let’s speculate on this question.

Imagine you are a client and you have addressed a company requesting their services. During the meeting, all the managers sound convincing and coherent; the contract is signed and the terms are specified. But at this point, things go south: you can’t get in touch with your manager and get letters with outdated information. Somehow you end up levelling out, forgiving all faults and continuing cooperation. For some time, everything goes smoothly, as it did in the beginning of the project. However, after a while, documents get lost, calls become chaotic, terms are postponed… You understand that you need to change your contractor but you keep tolerating it till the end.


Even if your story has a happy ending, you are far from being a happy client. Why?


1. The client should be able to get in touch with their project manager easily, upon first attempt.

2. The client should have the opportunity to communicate with the manager not only by phone, but via other channels of communication at the client’s convenience (and this throughout the project).

3. It is important that the client is provided with the current status of the project regularly and at any time upon demand.

4. The client should get personalized messages to show them you remember how special they are to you.

5. Clients like to be involved – you should remember to ask their opinions, advices, and references.

6. You clients will forgive a missed call or some terms violation if you warn them honestly and immediately without embellishments.


But how can you follow these simple rules of customer service if you lack organization and a working system? How will you remember who is who; who should be called at 13:45 and who should be congratulated on their birthday?


It is our opinion that you just can’t do without automated client services. Simply speaking, the quality of your customer service is in direct correlation with the level of project organization and control.


How can the transparency of work be improved quickly and painlessly?


For some companies, transferring data from multiple chaotic databases into a single structured one can be a very painful process. From our experience, it may be carried out in a very convenient way.


New generation CRM systems resemble some kind of assembly kit. You can adapt all blocks as well as the general strategy to your unique sales department with its internal regulations and objectives.


Apart from common database with clients’ names and resumes, new systems contain a wealth of valuable tools: corporate mail and telephony integration, call recordings and transcripts, calendars, statuses, online reports and many others. You may want to use everything in the set or choose what you truly need for your company; every case is unique.


Managers’ performance become transparent and more effective. Calls and mail can be answered in time, and conversations can be successfully recorded while keeping in mind the company’s essence, paying attention to details, getting reminders about meetings/negotiations/clients’ birthdays, etc… Managers will lead clients through deals, taking care of the state of activities and possible reasons for delays. And, of course, there is no problem with reports, invoices, or other documentation, because everything functions within the CRM system which is a trustworthy assistant when correctly administered.


The main principle of the system performance are as follows:


“Attract clients” – “Keep them” – “Lead them to the status of regular customers” – “Attract new clients”


And so on – indefinitely. You attract new and new clients, and alongside, you raise your old clients’ loyalty. What is important here is that your approach is grounded on human factor influencing clients’ key decisions.


Below are three more facts about CRMs and their direct correlation with increasing sales:


1. When increasing your client number by 5%, you increase your company’s profits by 50%.

2. More than a half of company’s clients leave or stay non-cost-effective solely because of poor customer service.

3. Your satisfied clients will tell 5 of their acquaintances about their contentment, but your unsatisfied clients will tell 10 or more people that they were let down.


Customer department automation with Bitrix24


It is no secret that Bitrix is a number one system for us. We have compared it with other products many times, for this reason we will not focus on it once more. We would rather repeat all the benefits of Bitrix24 for those who have truly committed themselves to automation on their labor processes.


Even if it is not with Bitrix CRM, we can observe that companies which make use of corporate component (news line, meetings calendars, chats) considerably improve and systematize communication within the company; first on the level of live communication, secondly for work purposes. It helps them organize their working day and, at the same time, accompany it with something pleasant, like exchanging pictures with colleagues.


But if we focus on CRM, it is impossible to pass by the main advantages of the system.


First, it allows you to keep everything in one place. You don’t need to use several cloud storages and online organizers, nor download some soft files for documentation. Bitrix24 has it all.


Secondly, the transparency of work is key: everyone is in sight in transparent open spaces. If you don’t suffer from social anxiety, such a concept should exude confidence, not panic. This is a rational response for those who seek to work productively at their workplace. If not – then, maybe it is worth reviewing the company’s level of ambition and potential. Who needs anchors?


Thirdly, customer service is improved. With Britix24 there is no limit for perfection: because it has already done half of the business for you, you may concentrate on the flip side of the coin, paying more attention to human factor. Find different variants of customer rewards, bonuses for your regular clients, special gifts and greetings, thoroughly think over letters and conversations you share with clients, pay attention to offline events, etc... Do everything which will have a positive influence on sales performance and quality.


And, of course, it should be reminded that almost all Bitrix tools are free to use. Our mindset is not to skyrocket our prices which would lead to a restricted access to our products. We want to build a well-organized, close-knit and open system of interaction between customers and companies.


If for some reason you are not familiar with our services yet, if you still hesitate, or if you have had a negative experience in the past – consult us. We will show and explain everything to you; moreover, we will customize the system for you projects, so that you will taste all the charms of automation. You will never want to turn back to manual labor again ;)

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