Corporate portal Bitrix24 to improve the efficiency of HR tasks

12 August 2021

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
Corporate portal Bitrix24 to improve the efficiency of HR tasks

What is that?

A corporate portal is an internal website of an organization, where the commercial information is stored safely, and the team creates a virtual working space. Such a portal is also called intranet, however, it's actually a more complex notion that includes not only people, but also various network appliances. The corporate portal is useful for HR tasks as the system includes a number of effective tools, that are separately offered by different developers. It's important to have everything in one place, as digitalization is a trend that quickly gains popularity.


Main HR tasks

The HR department plays an important role for any organization. It assists management in developing and adding value to the personnel. One of its main goals is to create a comfortable working environment for the employees, as well as creating the conditions to optimize their work processes. It's important to understand, that the current managers are not supposed to treat the personnel exclusively as a working force, as the development of the company and the atmosphere in the team depends on them. 

Main HR responsibilities:

  • Search and personnel recruitment. This includes conducting interviews, assessing a potential employee on first impression and adequacy, agreeing working conditions;

  • Employee's adaptation in the new team. It can be stressful to find yourself among people you have never met before. New employees always need assistance in a new place; 

  • Formation of optimal working conditions. The working space of the employee should be comfortable and well-equipped for work. And the office has to be equipped with everything required for a smooth operation of the company;

  • Maintening a friendly environment among employees. You have to admit that it's more pleasant to rush to work when you know you can share your news with the team or at lest tell them how your weekend was;

  • Organization of a high-quality leisure time for the team and conducting educational trainings. Organization of events and corporate events is also the responsibility of the HR manager. Such events are meant to bring the team together, and let the overall working atmosphere become more friendly.

Apart from that, the HR specialist must inform the team of any changes in the work conditions related to their activity.

Britix24 offers HR solutions

Bitrix24 has a convenient functionality for the corporate portal:

  • Training employees using knowledge bases;

  • Employees' working schedule analysis: how long they worked for, how much rest they took and how efficiently they spent their time;

  • Easily obtain information about the absences of team members, keeping a schedule of vacations;

  • Delivering general information to team members and receiving feedback in the news feed;

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  • Providing a sustainable connection and communication between employees;

  • Reminders in the calendar, cheering up with badges, encouraging and motivating: basically, doing everything to make the employee want to work even harder.

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If you are looking for a reliable platform for the work of HR managers, try Bitrix24 and discover all of its benefits. Avivi's managers will assist with setting everything up and will answer any of the questions you might have. Leave your application right now, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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