Corporate social network with Bitrix24

28 April 2021

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Alexandra Zinkevych

HR manager

Alexandra Zinkevych
Corporate social network with Bitrix24

Difference between the corporate portal and the intranet

Collaboration in an online company takes place in a virtual space – the so-called corporate portal, where users have access and are granted certain rights. Such a portal is a visible part of a large IT structure, which is called an intranet – an organization's internal protected network. There are many different intranet services in the world at the moment, but their role in today's corporate culture is growing inexorably. Consequently, the cost of leasing corporate portals or creating or supporting such solutions from scratch is also growing. The Bitrix24 network offers a worthy alternative to the already known services and is many times more powerful than various startups. In addition, the availability of a single account for authorization in different portals allows you to freely switch between several portals at once.

Соцсеть fyuk.png

Corporative portal Bitrix24 on the principle of social networking

The creators of Bitrix24 came to the conclusion that most people have a positive attitude to social networks where they spend a lot of their time comfortably. That is why the virtual space for employees was created on the principle and in the likeness of the vast majority of well-known social networks. Each user has his profile, where he enters the necessary personal data. In addition, employees' commendations are displayed here, you can specify your interests, upload photos, share your stress level - in a word, conduct a certain social activity.

By default, all Bitrix24 users have access to each other's profiles: they can communicate in private or public dialogues, organize video conferences, join groups according to work-related questions or even interests. Moreover, the home page for users is the news feed, which displays a variety of activities of colleagues: requests and announcements, ongoing surveys, recruitment notifications, and much more.

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According to many people, this approach to organizing company work online is the most effective. People get used to social networks and know, how to use them. This means that working in Bitrix24 they get additional pleasure from what they do. The special look of the software interface is always emphasized during reviews on Bitrix24.

Multifunctional intranet

Nevertheless, the obligatory elements of a social network for corporate work alone are not enough. That is why the main difference of a corporate portal is the ability of its participants to interact with each other using various tools. For this very purpose, Bitrix24 provides the system of collaborative work and reporting, access to working information in CRM, shared virtual disk, collecting knowledge on the principles of Bitrix24 wiki and the ability to change data using the internal tools of Bitrix24 without the involvement of third-party programs.

Thus Bitrix24 is ready to provide its users with a whole complex of tools for working online, which does not need any other software but has the flexibility to integrate with it. This makes Bitrix24 the most modern and self-sufficient social network for business that all your employees will love. 

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