Development of a Telegram bot that duplicates the tools of the personal account of customers on the website

12 April 2023

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
Development of a Telegram bot that duplicates the tools of the personal account of customers on the website

Buy clothes, order food or buy movie tickets at selected seats in the hall — all this can be done today through an automated customer interaction system that works through a chatbot. People definitely like this new kind of service, but many treat bots quite lightly. And in vain, because automation, first of all, helps business owners to improve business processes, expand the circle of customers, which means to get more profit. The main advantage of the bot is not in sales, but in the ability to provide users with all the necessary tools to improve customer service. Customers of Avivi from the company engaged in the production and sale of light industry products were convinced of this. For their business, the bot has become not just a modern addition, but an important component of successful business development. But let's go in order.

What can a bot do?

For a meaningful answer to this question, it is necessary to correctly understand its essence. A bot is a virtual robot or artificial intelligence that functions on the basis of a special program and performs automatic operations according to a complex algorithm and can interact with a person through a certain user interface. Despite the technical complexity, it becomes clear that a bot is ordinary software created in the form of code. Another thing is the interface through which this program communicates with users. How convenient it will be for people to use this solution depends on this direction. A bot can be connected to a site, an application, or it can work through another application, such as a service for communication. In this case, the capabilities of the bot depend on what such a service can offer.

We have already repeatedly mentioned Telegram as one of the best environments for the implementation of various IT projects. In the case of bots, Avivi also recommends Telegram itself , and in short, for the following reasons:

  • Telegram has one of the best and well-defined APIs that allow developers to implement almost any possible task;

  • Mobile application Telegram is available for iOS, Android and even Huawei AppGallery, desktop applications work on MacOS, Windows and Linux, and the service is available in any browser, which practically removes any possible difficulties in accessing the service for all users on the planet;

  • Telegram is distinguished by its reliability, which is provided with extremely complex encryption and many other security measures;

  • In addition to purely technical characteristics, Telegram has a nice design and a wide range of options to make the bot not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive;

  • As a bonus, Telegram has its own TON blockchain, which will certainly contribute to the development of projects in the near future.

If you systematize everything written above, the answer to the question "What can a bot do?" generally sounds like: "Everything", and more specifically: "Everything that allows you to implement the program code and the interface part". And even now this is quite enough to significantly strengthen your business.

Project assignment from the customer

The Telegram bot for our customers duplicates the capabilities of the personal account on the official website and helps to place orders and navigate the supply. The company cooperates with a large number of wholesale and retail buyers, for each of whom it is important to know about the availability of goods, leftovers, new products, etc. Each registered user can freely view the product catalog, place an order, make payment, and process a shipment. For this, of course, you need to visit the site and use the already ready functionality. The development of the bot was aimed at significantly simplifying the client's interaction with the company as a whole and facilitating the work of clients in particular. Here are the main benefits of using a bot:

  • The bot is always available on the client's smartphone in the application Telegram . The client does not need to install anything additionally, update and follow notifications from numerous applications - just open Telegram;

  • The backend of the Telegram bot interacts directly with the site's database, which reduces the load on the system. It also reduces the time spent by the users themselves, since the bot's responses are almost instantaneous;

  • Developing a bot is more cost-effective than making changes to the site — it's a reliable base for business scaling.

For the development of the software part, Python was chosen — one of the best programming languages for such tasks, in demand in the world, capable of optimizing the code with consistently high performance. As in most Avivi projects, it is Python and the perfect command of this language by our developers that allows us to implement tasks faster than using other similar technologies.

As you can see, a modern bot can not only chat with customers instead of your company's operator or sell something, but also perform the functions of a personal assistant in the office. Avivi developers are able to implement any work logic and create the necessary APIs for integration with another platform, for example, an official website. We are always ready to discuss ideas for creating new bots and implement a project specifically for your business.

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