HelpDesk — the best solution for technical support of the clients from Avivi Company

18 December 2018

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Mary Chernetska

Project Manager

Mary Chernetska
HelpDesk — the best solution for technical support of the clients from Avivi Company


The HelpDesk extension was created by Avivi's certified Bitrix24 developers for the needs of one of the customers. Initially, it was a relatively simple solution to a complex problem: how to approach the organization of support to the clients correctly. In the process of improvements, the HelpDesk extension has become much more functional and can now be integrated with any self-hosted version of Bitrix24, as a turnkey solution for organizing of technical support.

First step is important

If you are faced with the task of providing technical support for your customers, the path you choose at the beginning of its organization predetermines the success of the plan. Unfortunately, many property owners pay little attention to this, which subsequently leads to:

  • incorrect work of technical support;

  • non-observance of the deadlines;

  • confusion between the responsible coworkers;

  • sense of isolation of the client from his task (what can lead to a loss of a client).

According to statistics, in 89% of the failures of the support service are due to imperfect organization of the workflow. In this case, a regular mailbox of the “support @” type is created, a responsible person is appointed (or, even worse, several people), who accepts the requests and distributes them among the specialists. At best, at this stage there are robots that help automate the process, but imperfect programs tend to make mistakes. If at this stage you see the model of your own technical support in the same way, then immediately dismiss it from your head and finish reading it to the end.

Basically, this vision is associated with a lack of tools in the technology used. But if you already have a self-hosted version of Bitrix24, then there can be no talk of lack of tools! Avivi Company has repeatedly proved that there are no impossible tasks and the HelpDesk extension is a clear confirmation of this.

What can HelpDesk

Our extension will help you to organize the processing of requests from customers thanks to the functionality of extranet groups Bitrix24. For customers and employees, it looks extremely convenient and efficient. The administrator of the portal only needs to create a new extranet of the support service group and invite all the necessary participants to it and, in fact, create a mailbox for requests.


Thus, if a client writes to your technical support email address, HelpDesk automatically create a task using the materials of this letter. The task is as follows:

  • Address of a sender and the subjects of a letter — name of the task in Bitrix24;

  • Body of the letter is a description of a task;

  • Files, attached to the letter — files, attached to the task;

  • Person in charge is an owner of the work group of the support service;

  • Deadline is determined in accordance with the administrator settings.


The author of the letter receives an automatic response from the system with the notification that his appeal has been received and put in a queue of consideration and deadlines. But the most important thing is that the client has the opportunity to monitor the execution of the request: in the automatic letter there is a button to go directly to the task itself on your portal.


This approach to the organization of the process allows you to maximize the involvement of users in the workflow. The client can make comments in the discussion of the task, timely respond to questions from employees. Also, the client can close the task in case of its completion or loss of relevance, but also resume it if necessary.

HelpDesk for the employees

In addition to efficiency for customers, the technical support should be convenient for your employees and our expansion fully corresponds to this need. HelpDesk is an extension for an extranet group, so it uses the basic Bitrix24 functionality and does not require additional third-party programs. Thus, the setting of tasks from the support service is practically no different from the usual tasks in Bitrix24.

Each new client who writes a request to tech support automatically gets extranet user rights only for the tech support team. Thus, this does not lead to an increase in the number of users of your portal, which is very important in terms of using the self-hosted version of Bitrix24, where each new user has his own tariffication. So you save money without losing the capabilities of users.

For various reasons, the person in charge of the extranet group may not respond to the creation of a new task. In this case, HelpDesk will automatically change the person in charge to the moderator of this group; the time of this operation is configured individually for each customer.


Employees can conduct a dialogue with the client in the comments to the task. In this case, all participants in the task, including the extranet user, will see the conversation. But HelpDesk allows employees to communicate with each other without publicity for the client! To do this, select the "Internal message" before sending it. Then the information will remain visible only to employees.

Many messages from employees may be of the same type. This is not only “Thank you for contacting us ...”, but also, for example, answers to frequently asked questions of the same subject. To save time on copy-paste, the HelpDesk extension allows employees to create message templates. Thus, written once can become a template and be applied at the right time and in the right place.

Sometimes the time of response should be regulated. For this, HelpDesk provides the option of deferred messages. Employees can set a time when a prepared message is sent to the group dialogue. It is very convenient in communicating with clients from other time zones.

And to counter fraud for extranet users, the ability to edit comments in the dialogue is disabled.

How to get HelpDesk

Our extension is fully ready for use in all self-hosted versions of Bitrix24. We have repeatedly integrated it with the portals of other clients, so we have worked out possible difficulties. Installing and debugging the extension does not take much time, but it must be configured directly for your business.

For extended advice on HelpDesk and the conditions for acquiring an extension, contact Aviti Company’s Gold Partner Bitrix24 employees

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