How does AI help business in Bitrix24?

1 July 2021

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Valeriia Hodlevska


Valeriia Hodlevska
How does AI help business in Bitrix24?

Nowadays, AI blends with our daily lives, making it better and easier. Using computers, smartphones and other gadgets, it adapts to set parameters and quickly performs tasks that used to be complex and impossible for an ordinary individual. 


The AI allows you to automate repetitive processes by applying and processing large amounts of data. This technology field is still unclear to the ordinary user, however, Bitrix24 is already applying it in its CRM.

AI Scoring possibilities in business

Everyone is trying to find an effective AI application, while Bitrix24 already has a successful solution. AI24-scoring (from English "to score" — to win) boosts up the probability of a successful deal through computer-aided learning. This development points out to the managers which client is worth paying attention to on a first-priority basis.

вироятность анг.png

The AI24-scoring tool foresees the probability of winning a deal. Artificial intelligence distributes potential clients according to certain criteria in terms of sales. Basically, the tool prioritizes the client's database, independently determining the probability of a successful deal closure based on your data. Thus, you will be able to ignore unpromising activities and concentrate on profitable ones. 

Operation principle of AI24-scoring in Bitrix24 CRM

This update has been issued in 2019. The neuro network needs not less than 2000 completed deals in CRM for analysis — this is the exact number the tool needs to conduct the primary analysis and to learn your business in detail. The more information there is in the system, the more accurate the machine's forecast is. Capacities and stages of the deals, mail texts, chat threads, phone calls decodings are used in the analysis. The manager receives info tips and pays more attention to the "burning" and promising deals. The system automatically re-educates every 30 days, thus, the algorithms are always updated. Additionally, the forecasts history and AI learning curves will be displayed in the CRM. Scoring is available in the CRM within the "Start" plan.

Scoring in practice

Let's take a look at how AI24-scoring operates. If you open a CRM Lead or Deal card, there is the "AI24-scoring" button on the left side. 

скоринг общая.png

Upon learning, Bitrix24 will display the probability of a successful Deal or a Lead in percentage terms.

What Bitrix24 takes into account within the analysis:

  • Source, date and time of Lead or Deal creation;

  • Values and the adjustments of all fields;

  • Total number and calls, mails and open lines addresses maintenance;

  • Client's path, as well as the nature of the communication: primary or recurrent.

It's also worth mentioning, that the most frequently asked question to us, as Bitrix24 Golden Partners, is whether it is possible to individually affect the machine learning process? Unfortunately, the integrators are not capable of that: the Portal tool, basically, only collects data, sends it to the Bitrix24 servers, and gets results. The AI itself is located somewhere in the Vendor's location, and its calculation algorithms are kept as a secret.  


AI24-scoring is the new, progressive tool that, with the right number of deals, assists managers to concentrate on the clients with high purchase probability, and sellers — to pay more attention to the most profitable clients. The great advantage is the fact, that it is suitable for any specific business activity, as scoring takes into account all the data on deals and contacts in the company. Avivi will make everything possible in order to optimize your business with Bitrix24.

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