How the Telegram bot from Avivi can improve business efficiency

29 April 2024

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Viktor Kolesnyk

Backend developer

Viktor Kolesnyk
How the Telegram bot from Avivi can improve business efficiency

About the author: Viktor Kolesnyk, a middle Python developer with more than three years of experience developing bots for Telegram. He has experience in creating backends for blockchain solutions, trading bots, integrations with third-party services, etc.

In today's world, where time is money and competition is extremely fierce, companies have to constantly look for ways to optimize their business processes. The use of technology is becoming a key success factor. Telegram bots are one such technology that can significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

Telegram bots are software solutions that function on the Telegram platform, allowing users to interact with them. Technically, bots work on the basis of algorithms that respond to input from users and provide certain actions in accordance with given instructions. They can be configured to perform a variety of tasks.

Appointment on the advantages of Telegram bots

1. Automation of routine tasks

One of the main ways Telegram bots can improve business efficiency is by automating routine tasks. For example, a bot can be configured to register customers, inform about services or remind about events. This significantly reduces the time spent performing such manual tasks and allows resources to be directed to more important aspects of the business. Automating these tasks frees up valuable employees, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

2. Improving customer service

Telegram bots can be a powerful tool for improving customer service. They can answer questions, provide information, help with problem solving, and take orders. This allows you to maintain constant contact 24/7 with customers and provide them with quick and convenient support, which increases the level of customer satisfaction and increases their loyalty.

3. Increase in sales

Another aspect that can increase business efficiency is increasing sales with the help of Telegram bots. They can be configured to carry out marketing activities, send promotional offers, send news and updates. In addition, they can provide personalized recommendations based on the customer's purchase history or interests. It also helps to attract more customers and increase sales. 

4. Cost reduction

Another advantage of using Telegram bots is the reduction of customer service and labor costs. Because bots can automate many routine tasks, companies can reduce the number of employees needed to perform them. This allows you to save costs and focus them on other aspects of business development.

5. Increase in productivity

The use of Telegram bots can also have a positive effect on the productivity of employees. By automating processes, employees must focus on more complex tasks that require their unique skills and expertise. This contributes to increasing the speed of tasks and increasing the overall productivity in the organization.

Telegram bots can integrate with other platforms such as CRM, various APIs, e-commerce platforms or analytics systems. Artificial intelligence can be used for various processes, classification of customer requests or automatic detection of problem situations.

Case from the developer

In fact, the backend of a Telegram bot built on Python is not very complicated. Here is an example of some general information about the work of the bot I created, which performs the role of a journalist and an experienced content manager in Telegram channels. The principle of operation is based on artificial intelligence. One of the tasks assigned to the bot is the prompt search for informational news and automatic publication of them on its own resources, in our case it is a website and Telegram channels. The bot is always on guard and monitors more than 10,000 different sources per day. Analyzes various topics from the main news in the country to news in the automotive world or in the field of information technology. When interesting information was found during the analysis, it is immediately put to work, the reliability of the information is checked, it is checked on official resources, and on the basis of all sources, its own author's news is formed, and most importantly, an independent opinion, without taking into account the human factor and emotions, which opens a new view of the news. All received information is grouped and sorted by topic.

Sending news by bot to the Telegram channel:

async def send_news_telegram(title, generated_content, one_url, channel_id):
    """A method for sending news to a channel."""

        message = f"<b>{title}</b>\n\n{generated_content}\n\n{CAPTION}||<a href='{one_url}'>Primary source</a>"
        link_preview_options = {
            "url": one_url,
            "prefer_large_media": True,
            "show_above_text": True

        params = {
            "chat_id": channel_id,
            "text": message,
            "parse_mode": "HTML",
            "link_preview_options": json.dumps(link_preview_options)

        response ="{URL}/bot{TOKEN}/sendMessage", params=params)
        if response.status_code == 200:
  "Message sent successfully")
            telegram_logger.error(f"Error sending: {response.status_code}, {response.reason}")

    except Exception as e:
        telegram_logger.error(f"Error: {e}")

And as a result, we have a fully automated process that can instantly inform users on the topics they choose. Usually, a person does such work much longer and they also have a weakness — at night they want to sleep.


In Avivi's portfolio, we have a large number of developed Telegram bots, from online stores to bots that perform complex financial transactions. But they all have something in common, this is the satisfaction of their owners with the results of the work of these bots.


In conclusion, Telegram bots can become a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of your business. Investing in the development and implementation of Telegram bots opens up wide prospects for the company to optimize processes, attract new customers and increase the level of satisfaction of the existing customer base. This step can significantly help in achieving success and sustainable business growth in the constantly changing market environment. Thus, Telegram bots can become not only a tool, but also a real force that will help your company take a leading position in the world of modern business.

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