How to build a corporate culture with Bitrix24

19 March 2018

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How to build a corporate culture with Bitrix24

Each manager is interested in how to increase the productivity of subordinates, to retain the best workers and to find the most experienced professionals. And most importantly, how to show a client that he is dealing with a unique company.

So how is your team different from the rest? The answer is not so simple to find, but the corporate culture is necessarily an important component to your unique identity.

It is a known fact that happy people are more productive in their work. Every year, companies lose billions of dollars due to employees’ loss of efficiency which is caused by workers’ indifference to their company, responsibilities and employer.

Read the report on happy employees.

We are all very different, but there are little things which make every person happier; for instance, others noticing and appreciating your work. Or seeing a person with common interests over a cup of coffee, getting a birthday present you’d long dreamed of but never bought for yourself… The most import thing being the feeling you get from doing a Great Deal and being part of something bigger. 

How is everything arranged in practice in Bitrix24? It helps the HR department and inspires pride in the company amongst employees. It should be understood that Bitrix24 is not only CRM, but it is a full-fledged portal for the entire company, regardless of the department. Indeed, one - for all. Even if your office occupies several floors, all employees will be united by Activity Stream and Public Chat.

What are the tools that can be used:

1. Login screen and theme

The login screen is the first thing a newcomer sees in a company. It is what makes a person understand that they are in a special place! We have experience in what we do and you will be able to succeed with us. If you have a precise idea of the mission you want to accomplish, so much the better! If you are the lucky owner of the boxed version of Bitrix24, our designer is ready to create a unique login page for you, your slogan can be depicted directly on the initial screen, and our guys will install everything on your portal.

It's nice that Bitrix has a lot of free functionality; for instance this theme which is the background for the desktop of each employee. It creates a mood but lets each employee use their personal theme. It is also possible to apply a common theme for everyone if you want to display a picture with corporate colors and logo. The essential idea is that it should correspond to the personnel’s mood. Here, for example, we have a Christmas theme.

2. Activity Stream

When should we go to the cinema? What shall we watch? What time can we appoint an English lesson? Bitrix24 can host polls and events in the company calendar, which enables you to make these decisions easily and conveniently.

But often users may not notice hidden features which appear under the "More” button. To effectively contribute to the corporate culture and motivate employees, we need the “Appreciation" functionality.

3. Appreciation

Do you know the feeling of working hard, face every challenge successfully, and yet no one says a single word of encouragement? The reason for this comes from the way, in our culture, that we express appreciation in a company. For a healthy atmosphere in the team, each leader should introduce appreciation as a rule, but it should necessarily be a well-deserved appreciation:)). Therefore, in Bitrix24 you can choose suitable badges of appreciation and add comments to describe what you liked exactly in the work of a subordinate. This is one of the most powerful tools for developing the motivation of employees.

How to understand one’s own strong points? You will be told about them by expressions of appreciation!

4. Calendar

Everyone is annoyed when the chief manager rushes around the office and pulls out people one by one from the workflow. The manager does his job, of course, but at the same time violates the quiet flow of work and chaos reigns in the office - it’s not very professional, is it?

With the Calendar in Bitrix24, it becomes very easy to plan a meeting without distracting employees. In one click, you can sel ect a specific department, or a group working on a project. The initiator of the event can immediately see the engagement, and all participants receive invitations, which they must accept or reject for a time more convenient to them. Both the manager and the staff gain time and energy; the manager is able to appoint meetings without interrupting the employees’ thinking process. Therefore, everyone may fulfil their tasks comfortably and efficiently.

Moreover, this calendar allows you not only to plan meetings, but also company parties, birthdays, sport games, or conference outings!

5. Birthdays

A birthday is a special day for anyone! Everyone pays attention to you, wishes you happiness, gives you presents - what a pleasure! However, those who have forgotten about you on this day, may be quietly resented. With Bitrix24 you will never miss an employee's birthday again! Firstly, a widget with the list of birthdays is always displayed in the Activity Stream.

Secondly, on the big day, there will be a gift icon next to the avatar of the birthday person. It's literally impossible to miss. Remembering a colleague’s birthday can be a good occasion to get acquainted or to know a person better, to be able to start a conversation easily. It is attention from others that fulfil the social "need" that each person has.

Thirdly, there is an excellent functionality of Working Groups and Lists in Bitrix. You can secretly plan a party, create a list of desired gifts and then collect the best joint photos inside the group! We are ready to teach you personally how to use working groups in the most effective way.

6. Photographs

What unites people without fail? That's right, it is an adventure together, which makes fun joined memories. Having experienced these moments with your company makes you love and appreciate your work even more. It creates an emotional affection between employees and towards the company. It is good mental health that subsequently affects the productivity of employees and willingness to work for the common good.

7. Personal page

Have you ever been in a situation when it was urgent to call an employee, and you did not have their phone number? Bitrix24 solves the problem of storing all the necessary information inside the Intranet (the internal private network of an organization) using a personal page. You can see the employee’s face, find out what he is interested in and get all the necessary contact information. This is the perfect page for an employee to express their unique character and show in what way they are so important for the company.

Filling a personal profile in Bitrix24 somewhat resembles the beginning of a new game. Such a thing is popularly called gamification. You get the first task from the "boss", do it and get a reward! This approach helps to instinctively master a new service without the effect of routine and it will set up the process of self-organization to achieve better results in work. The more complete your profile is, the more points you get:)

Some companies go even further - they add comments fr om HR, development plans, badges for performance to profiles. You can always ask us individually, how much it will cost to refine this functionality, but the general information will be available to you for free.

But do not forget that the corporate culture is not only a collection of internal functions of the Bitrix24 system. Corporate culture mainly relies on communication and mutual understanding among all employees and managers of the company. Smile to each other, treat you colleagues with respect and kindness, because office workers are a family that should be able to help and understand you:) 

Love to all of you in the team, guys:))

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