No more <HTML> blocks!

9 July 2019

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Avivi News

Avivi News
No more <HTML> blocks!

Bitrix24 has noticed too many cases of fraud and phishing among Bitrix24 Sites users. It negatively affects all users, as search engines start blocking sites created with Bitrix24 Sites.

Due to this fact, Bitrix24 limits the use of custom HTML codes in Bitrix24 Sites for free plans. Using custom HTML code in webpage settings and in the "HTML code" block is available to commercial plans subscribers only. These changes and limitations are not applicable to custom CSS.

If you have a published website with an existing "HTML code" block on free plan, it'll keep on functioning normally. You need to upgrade to Bitrix24 commercial plan to add a new "HTML code" block. And if you have custom HTML code in the existing website's settings and republish it, the website will stop functioning.

Limitations apply to the Demo mode too. So, if you want to use the Sites to the full extent of its power, Aviv will gladly help you to get a commercial plan!

This is a double benefit, because besides the expanded features of Bitrix24 you will receive special bonuses from us! Our company will give you 20%* of the cost of the chosen plan as bonus hours for the CRM implementation or setting. You will also be able to use these hours to pay for any services from Avivi.

Fill free to contact us for more information!

* The offer is not a Discount for Bitrix24, but only for Avivi services.

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