Personal CRM forms from consultants to company clients — a custom app for Bitrix24 from Avivi

23 February 2023

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
Personal CRM forms from consultants to company clients — a custom app for Bitrix24 from Avivi

Bitrix24 has a wide range of tools for working with customers, but the creators of this product cannot fully predict what each specific business needs. That is why the vendor provided the possibility of custom development and open APIs, which allows you to develop your own extensions, no matter how specific they are. It is this ability of the software that was needed by one of Avivi's clients, who turned to our company with specific tasks regarding the organization of work with clients. Unfortunately, the standard Bitrix24 functionality can only partially satisfy the company's requirements, so custom development has become the only possible option for the necessary solution.

Prerequisites and features of the project

Avivi's clients have long chosen Bitrix24 for their business — a set of tools, one of the main of which is a flexible and omnical CRM system. Here are already collected advanced solutions for working with customers: finding them, engaging them, communicating easily and helping to quickly convert leads into winning deals. The company's management has been working for a long time on a scheme of working with customers that is ideal for their field, where every step is balanced and necessary. An important place in this algorithm is the attraction of a new client, because a person's first impression of the company and its status depends on it. Therefore, a consistent concept of work was developed for employees — in their case consultants — the key point of which is the potential client filling out a web form on the company's website. Avivi's clients wanted this form to be not only personalized, but also look like a typical page of a corporate website and contain the contact details of a specific consultant responsible for a new client. This is required not only for further promotion of the Deal card in CRM, but also for internal statistics and calculation of the profit of each employee.

So the Avivi developers faced a clear task with several mandatory conditions:

  • Develop tools for individual CRM forms for consultants;

  • Stylize forms in accordance with the corporate style of the company's main website;

  • Adjust the internal work of CRM Bitrix24 regarding the creation of Deals on the basis of completed forms and the formation of analytical data on the activities of consultants;

  • Implement a project using the Python programming language and provide the source code.

As is known: "The desire of the client is the law" and in our case there are no exceptions. The long-term experience of Avivi developers allows us to implement projects of any complexity and using any frameworks, although we create solutions for Bitrix24 mainly in PHP. So after evaluating and agreeing on the stages of the project, our team got to work.

Custom application from Avivi

First of all, it should be noted that Avivi's clients use the Bitrix24 cloud service — the Enterprise plan, which recently appeared in the vendor's product line. But any cloud has a number of limitations and requirements, so to implement the project it was necessary to create a custom application and then place it on the customer's server. If Avivi's clients used Bitrix24 on-premise, it would take 30%-40% less time and resources to develop a similar module.

The custom application from Avivi provides the generation of unique pages containing CRM-integrated forms to be filled out by the client. If necessary, the company's consultant provides the potential client with a referral link generated by the application. When following this link, the user gets to a personalized page containing the contact details of his consultant, important information regarding the cooperation and, in fact, a CRM form to fill out. Each page imitates the style of a corporate site, as it is generated based on a downloaded layout of an official web resource. Thus, the user does not even notice that he is not on the site, but on a specially created page.

After filling out the form, the custom application creates a Deal in CRM Bitrix24 and assigns the right consultant to be responsible. The new Deal includes not only the information filled by the client, but also all the necessary data about the consultant. For this purpose, a special table with information about each employee has been created in Bitrix24 highload blocks. Access to the table is possible through the custom item in the left menu of the Company Portal. Here, for example, photos and contact data that the application provides when generating a personal page are stored, as well as custom fields for saving statistical data. Avivi's solution actively communicates with this table and captures all necessary changes and achievements in the workflow.

As you can see, nothing is impossible for Avivi developers when it comes to creating additional functionality for Bitrix24. You can learn more about the development of this application from our managers. And if you need your own solution, we will make it strictly according to your requirements.

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