Robots and triggers in Bitrix24: what are their capabilities?

2 September 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav  Nahnybida
 Robots and triggers in Bitrix24: what are their capabilities?

Many people who have heard about CRM systems or have ever thought about implementing them in a company, have never head about business processes, robots and triggers before. Whereas these tools significantly simplify the work processes, the interaction with the client for any business.

Automation rules for all planer tasks in Bitrix 24

Especially this remains pertinent for a large-scale of enterprises or companies, as the number of routine tasks grows along with the number of employees. CRM implementation and the transfer of work into a corporate portal helps to simplify the sales targeting and automatize the performance of the repetitive tasks depending on specific conditions. Bitrix24 allows you to create an algorithm that makes life easier for your employees by automatically completing the repetitive tasks.

What does it all mean?

The robot is an algorithm for processing Deals and Leads, re-configured to be launched when an item transitions to the required status. In simple words, this is a process that begins without human involvement. For instance, if you receive a request or a letter from a client, the system will immediately create a task, set a reminder and notify you or the other employees involved. 

To trigger, you need a specific action that will transfer the Lead or Deal into a required state; such as an incoming call or a client visiting the web-site. You can set up the required conditions directly in the Lead or Deal's card.

Business routine automation in Bitrix 24 CRM

The main difference between robots and triggers: 

The robots start the processes;

The triggers transfer the CRM entity into a required stage. 

Robots and triggers are available in all commercial Bitrix24 tariff plans with no limitations, free of charge — only five to choose from. 

Capabilities of the automatization tools

The robots are responsible for many useful functions for the employees, the ads, the communication channels with the clients and individual work. Let's review some of them:

●      Creating tasks for specific employees;

●      Planing meetings, calls or conferences both with clients and internal ones;

●      Sending e-mails, SMS or notifications;

send SMS from Bitrix 24 CRM

Triggers automatically transfer the Lead or Deal into the required stage, if provided the existence of specific events:

●      Feedback from the client;

●      A click on the link;

●      When connecting telephony — an incoming call;

●      CRM application is filled out;

●      A recurrent visit to the web-site.

Bitrix24 BPV system as an assistant when dealing with business processes

There might be many conditions and automatic actions, and users need to have the possibility to deal with all of them. BPV (Business Process Management) is a set of tools for assistance, management and control of all the automated actions. Bitrix24 also has this section, and it works with minimal human involvement. The user needs to provide the name and description of the process, and to collect all the possible actions in the system to put them together in the block schemes constructor mode.  No special education is required: only logical thinking, understanding of what and when has to happen and attentiveness. 

create business process automation with Bitrix 24 CRM

A separate card is defined for each business process, where all the data can be reviewed, and the edits can be made. This is a way to control the accuracy of the work and, in case of inefficiency, to shift employees or amend the subsequence of the processes. 


As you can see, Bitrix24 has all the required aspects to efficiently automate the routine working processes of your company using robots and triggers. For sure, you can configure them manually in any convenient business process designer, or have the CRM automatization set up, but if you require more sophisticated solutions, the Avivi team is always ready to assist you in the Bitrix 24 CRM development and implementation of business processes of any complexity.

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