Save with Bitrix24: luck, specials and cashback

26 March 2020

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
Save with Bitrix24: luck, specials and cashback

Many people try to save on professional software and get quickly disappointed because free or cheap programs don’t meet their expectations. Bitrix24 has a very different point of view—for our users we always look for the best and most advantageous conditions, providing great offers on a regular basis. Working with Bitrix24 you can be sure to save while not compromising on the quality. On the other hand, using the product the way it was intended inevitably leads you towards growing your business. And remember that you don’t have to pay anything to try out Bitrix24! On the contrary, you get cashback from practically any investment you make into the Portal! But let’s talk about everything in order. We’ll start with new system users.

Newcomers get lucky with Bitrix24

If you are just starting to digitize your business with Bitrix24, consider yourself lucky, because there are very favorable conditions for new users of our system. Bitrix24 offers one of the longest trial periods among CRM developers. You have a whole month to play around cloud and in-a-box solutions, making an informed decision about the plan that’s best for you. All of your settings and information you entered during the trial period will remain in the system for a while, even if you choose not to sign up after the 30 days are over. 

See you in (1).png

Bitrix24 is indispensable for those who are just starting a business in general. The “Free” plan corresponds to its name—you don’t have to pay for anything at all and starting March 2020, you can invite as many employees to the Portal as you wish. Of course, this plan has limited capabilities, but when compared to similar offers of other services, Bitrix24 provides something any starting business will find beneficial, fueling your growth.

Thus, not only can you save at the beginning of your work with Bitrix24, but you may choose not to pay anything at all for a long time. As your business grows, you will begin to realize that new features and possibilities are in order. In this case, you’ll also need to be aware of what all Bitrix24 has to offer to be able to save as much as possible.

In the right place at the right time

Bitrix24 has a well-established marketing department that often puts out very good offers. Historically, the best specials become available during holiday seasons. For example, over the Christmas holidays, you may save up to 67% on the cloud subscription and in-a-box license of Bitrix24. This is tangible for anyone! We also have specials over Easter, on Valentine’s day, and other holidays. Sometimes we have flash sales, as well. And you really need to be aware of these, because some specials last a month, while others, usually the best ones, are only offered for a day. Buying or extending a license during this period can be your most advantageous buy of the year.

Скидки на Битрикс24

The promotion terms always give preference to new users, but those who are already using Bitrix24 should also be in-the-know to have the opportunity to save money. Having some luck is important, but as you know, luck is one thing and information is another. This is where having a warm, trusting relationship with your Partner on the Bitrix24 side comes into play—they’ll be sure to let you know when a special is coming up and when you can really save without compromising quality. 

Time is money

You also save when you sign up for the service for a longer period of time. While this is standard practice for SaaS services, Bitrix24 offers a substantial discount for longer subscriptions. And this discount is exponential: from 5% for a 6-month subscription, to 30% for a 2-year subscription!

These rules don’t expire, but the discounts can be even more impressive during specials. In general, you should be ready that at least once a year, Bitrix24 will give you an opportunity to buy a 2-year license for the price of one year. A 50% discount is not a luxury for our product, but a normal thing. This is something that has to be considered when you are comparing Bitrix24 with other CRM developers.

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Of course, we can’t neglect mentioning another very important special offer. As a Gold Partner, Bitrix24 offers its clients real cashback deals from any financial operation that is carried out through our platform. This includes: 

  • New license agreements;

  • Extending your Bitrix24 cloud subscription or software license;

  • Switching plans;

  • Paying for implementing Bitrix24;

  • Customizing the software or expanding the cloud functionality.

The cashback amount from Avivi to your virtual account is determined individually and can range between 15% and 30%, increasing based on the total amount of payment. As such, working with us you can get a result that you can’t get from anyone else on the market—you can save three times and not lose out on the quality! First, you save when you sign up; then, you save from getting the timely news of our specials and taking advantage of them; lastly, you get cashback from every payment you make. This is an opportunity like no other!

It is also worth mentioning that the cashback to your virtual account is an initiative of our company that is not a discount on Bitrix24 products. According to our partnership rules, no one but Bitrix24 has the right to set any type of a discount. If any Partner is offering you an unauthorized discount, it’s not cashback, it’s a kickback, which is illegal according to the Russian Criminal Code. Don’t become a victim of fraud!

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