Star Wars in Bitrix24

12 June 2018

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Star Wars in Bitrix24

Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a world with no flaws, no problems, no bugs…

Today it is a period of employees’ wars, management rebels and marketing tricks. Departments in different cities and countries are declaring their intentions to leave the corporation. Business owners are struggling to find a solution to bring peace to corporations and finish the era of darkness.

During the long journey of endless searches, some manage to find an ultimate system, BITRIX24 on premise, a self-hosted platform with numerous tools enough to satisfy many needs.

Pursued by belief, that IT guy from their staff can do any kind of computer work, business owners buy Bitrix24 license and try to set it up using their own recourses. This leads to numerous problems, that might have been eluded, if only they would have raced to a Bitrix partner (link to avivi contact form) in order to let professionals do their work.

Sometimes it may take up to 3 months of regular IT guy’s painstaking work to take the truth – one person can hardly manage every single problem. Bitrix24 is based on many modules with complex levels of access and needs a distinctive approach for any certain company. (And believe me – you are all unique). At the end to save their people and restore peace in the corporation, business owners come to Bitirx representatives.

Avivi, a team of guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy of Bitrix24 is here to present you with the problems that you may occur as obstacles on your way:

1. Server setup and installation of the VM 

When you choose to go with a self-hosted edition, from that point it is your responsibility to manage server settings, open and close ports and configure the firewall. In order for Bitrix24 to run properly – it needs an appropriate environment.

2. Corrupted archives 

Sometimes things are not going smoothly from the very start. Installation bounces, database has flaws, demo data wouldn’t delete. These problems are more exceptions, than a rule. But when you will encounter these problems, you’ll have to deal with them.


3. Connection of 3d party programs

Sometimes you need to migrate data from your old program or you don’t want to end relationship with it, so you go for full continuous integration. In this case you need a developer, who is fully acknowledged with Bitrix24 API.

Link to our article about RedConnect integration. 

4. Need for customization

After you log into the system you may see, that you need a certain small button or plugin to make Bitrix24 more suitable for your business.
That is pretty easy, if you have a partner and may become a real problem, if you have decided to go about it on your own

5. Lack of information 

You won’t find everything you need on the official Bitrix24 web-site or even in the documentation. Bitrix releases updates for its platform faster, than instructions (especially in foreign languages). 

 As one of the examples may serve Bitrix24.CRM edition of the self-hosted version. Some information is concealed by evil forces and only after you have launched Bitrix24 and activated the license, you’ll get the list of errors one by one, that you’ll need to delete modules, that are not allowed in this plan.
Avivi’s guardians have managed to interrogate Bitrix24 Support to get a list of these obstacles:

1. Web forms (form)  – Module that is responsible for organizing work with arbitrary web forms, allows you to store and filter the data of the filled forms.

2. Document library (webdav) – Document library

3. Compression (Compression) – Module for compressing pages of the site to accelerate their download.

4. Ideas manager – Module for saving notes of your ideas.

5. Email-marketing (sender) – Module for organizing the work of Email-marketing.

6. Web analytics (statistic) – Module for collecting and displaying site statistics.

7. Web cluster (cluster) – Web cluster support module.

8. Highload-blocks (highloadblock) – Module for working with arbitrary data sets under high load conditions.

9. Advertising, banners (advertising) – Module for managing advertising on a site.

10. Workflow – Module that allows you to organize the stage-by-stage processing of site documents.

11. MS Active Directory. 


The Bitrix Inc is crumbling under attacks by thousands of clients with numerous ideas and requests. There are heroes on both sides. Bitrix24 Jedi Knights lead a desperate mission to satisfy all the needs, releasing updates and revealing information on how to use Bitrix24.

They train Padawans to set up Bitrix environmentmigrate Bitrix24 from the cloud version and Instal B24

But common errors still occur.

In this situation only one hope for desperate souls might be a well prepared army of Bitrix24 partners. A group of independent fighters are attempting to help in the mission to satisfy every customer. It is solely the client’s decision on which side to take.

May the Avivi force be with you! 

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