The Avivi Bitrix24 Application has reached 13,000 downloads. Who wants presents?

27 May 2020

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Ivan Bocharov


Ivan Bocharov
The Avivi Bitrix24 Application has reached 13,000 downloads. Who wants presents?

We started to develop the app when the need arose. Necessity really is the mother of invention! Our team required a tool to calculate working time, show both individual and collective time spent performing a task, make everything well-structured, and then upload the results in a file on a computer. None of the above was available with Bitrix24, so our developers created the application themselves. We then shared the result as a free download at Bitrix24 Marketplace.

Over 6,000 new members for the first year 

Time and Project Reports Application attracted over six thousand supporters in its first year. Indeed, the small program was one of the most frequently downloaded worldwide. The Avivi developers collected feedback from users, revised the design, and rewrote the algorithm for time calculation. Thus, we created a new, high-quality, professional version of Time and Project Reports PRO. The new product costs only $4.99 per month for the entire Portal, regardless of the number of users assigned. 

Time and Project Reports by Avivi

The figure will make users happy

The number of subscribers increased by 120% over the following year. Despite superstitions about “unlucky” number 13, Avivi is pleased to announce a free professional version promotion for the first hundred new users who subscribe to our basic version. Our managers will inform each of the lucky ones individually about this bonus. It should be noted that both versions of the application can be simultaneously installed on the Bitrix24 Portal.

The development continues

Avivi appreciates each and every customer, so today the company provides eight of its own applications and modules for the Cloud and On-Premise Bitrix24. Soon we are going to release another integration of the popular business toolkit with the Harvest Time tracking tool. 

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