The one spot solution for posting all types of messages on Telegram Instagram and Discord via Bitrix24 from the developers of Avivi

24 August 2023

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Slava Nahnybida

PR manager

Slava Nahnybida
The one spot solution for posting all types of messages on Telegram Instagram and Discord via Bitrix24 from the developers of Avivi

We are sure that if you are reading this article, you are currently looking for options for organizing work in Bitrix24, which involves publishing various messages in Telegram channels, Instagram pages or Discord channels. But, unfortunately, you, like other users, do not find the optimal solution on Bitrix24.Marketplace or third-party application developers for this product. Don't worry: the fact is that there really hasn't been a single solution that allows you to post content of different plans. But we at Avivi have already fixed this situation and are ready to offer the best full-featured application for you.

If you are not interested in the current circumstances, but only need a solution to the problem, go straight to the description of our solution:

What is available in Bitrix24 “out of the box”?

The standard set of Bitrix24 tools includes ready-made integrations with various services and social networks. Once upon a time, such solutions were created custom, but over time they began to appear already in the "Contact Center" section. Now here you can find many integrations with completely different platforms, the configuration of which takes place in a few clicks.


Instagram logos are already present here, but further familiarization of users with these integrations may bring some disappointment. It is known that the main task of Bitirx24 is to help the company conduct business online, and specifically the "Contact Center" — to ensure communication with clients through the channels that clients like to use the most. Therefore, ready-made integrations "out of the box" can only establish a dialogue between your employees and customers who want to contact your company with a question or order. In our case:

  • Via chat with the corporate Telegram bot you created;

  • Via Instagram messenger Direct of your public page, where a live dialogue with customers is possible.

Since we are talking about specific services, we will not consider the rest of the integrations. But as you can see, there is no integration with Discord at all. Integrations allow you to save the history of communication in CRM cards, maintain a dialogue with Bitrix24 Chat and the mobile application, but all this is a little bit not what you need.

Thus, we conclude: it is impossible to post messages with different types of content through the standard functionality of Bitrix24.

Integrations with Bitrix24 from third-party developers

If you subscribe to Market+ in any commercial plan, thousands of custom integrations with a wide variety of services become available to us. Here it is already possible to find a partial solution to our needs, but the selection is not too extensive and functional. Most of the offerings are targeted at a particular platform and have a limited set of features. But we need everything at once, don't we? Another aspect of the issue is the cost and authorship of the products. Even a superficial research of the market shows that most of the developments belong to authors who directly or indirectly belong to the Russian Federation, a country subject to sanctions for most of the civilized world for unmotivated aggression towards neighboring states, support for terrorism and many other shameful things. Even if you don't care about it at all, you should not forget about the tough politics inside Russia itself and the strict requirements for the IT sphere from its top management. One of these is the mandatory storage of any user information on servers that must be physically located on the territory of the Russian Federation and unlimited access of special services to databases. Would you like to associate your business with such software providers?

But let's leave geopolitics and focus on functionality. At the time of writing, searching for "Discord" in Bitrix24.Market cannot find any results. Instagram and Telegram have certain results, again — separately for each service. Therefore, if your company uses both platforms, you will have to install two separate applications and pay twice as much, respectively. So, after everything explained above, it will be best to familiarize yourself with the offer from Avivi, where all solutions are collected in a single window and contain a full set of features.

Application for posting messages from Avivi

The goal of our solution is to make it as easy as possible for you to publish all possible types of content on Telegram, Instagram and Discord.

By different types of content, we mean: formatted text with embedded hyperlinks and emojis, images and animations, video and audio with no limitations on file sizes and recording durations. Also, our developers provide for the creation of specific content for Bitrix24: stories, video reels, etc.

The solution is presented in the form of an application in Bitrix24.Market and is available for installation by users of all Bitrix24 commercial tariffs, as well as cloud versions and on-premise editions. To use it, you must have an active subscription to Market+. For owners of Bitrix24 on-premise without a subscription and wishing to issue one, an option with installing the module is possible — this issue is decided exclusively on an individual basis.

The application was created in the Python programming language, which increases data security, ensures stable and fast work with the application. The interface is implemented within a single window, which reduces time spent switching between working with different services. This can be easily done through the tabs at the top of the screen.

The design of our solution is maximally UX/UI and ascetic, which allows for quick and simple work and does not overload the user's attention with details. For the best understanding, let's consider each of the tabs in detail:


Uses verification by phone number to log in to the account. An authorized user gets access to all channels available in his mobile, desktop or web version of Telegram. Sending messages is possible to those channels in which the user has the right to publish content — it no longer depends on our decision.


To create a message, you should select the desired channels from the list: it can be several different channels or one specific one. The list of selected channels is displayed in the "Channels in use" field; there is also an option to delete unnecessary channels.

If necessary, you can instantly create a new channel, similar to creating it in other versions of Telegram. In this case, you should specify the name of the channel and its category (private or public). The new channel will appear in the list and can immediately be added to the list of channels for publication.

Editing text message information is extremely simple and clear. You can embed hyperlinks in the text, highlight words or symbols, add emojis, or hide writing using a special tool from Telegram.

Attaching files is no different from a similar process in other services: we select a file from the memory of a computer or mobile device and confirm our choice. With our application, you have no limitations other than those provided by Telegram itself, on the size or length of files. When ready, you can send the message immediately or delay the publication until the desired time.

As you can see, the process is extremely convenient, but that's not all. You can always get statistics of publications in just a few clicks : you should choose the necessary criteria of statistical data and the period of publications.


Avivi 's solution is best suited for Bitrix24 users who are actively involved in creating publications on a regular basis. You no longer need to go outside the Portal to host content — we've provided everything for your comfort and prosperity.

Regarding the possible question about publishing stories to Telegram: at the time of writing, the necessary developer APIs were not yet available. But when such an opportunity arises, it will not take much time to create this functionality and update the application.


This popular service has many more possibilities for creating visual content, which is appreciated by bloggers, influencers and marketers. In addition to simple texts, images and videos, there are specific methods of presenting information, each of which has its own requirements. So Avivi developers implemented tools for posting each of them.

Authorization in the desired account occurs using a login and password. Instagram creates a corresponding token, which allows our solution to remain in the system for a certain time on behalf of the verified user. According to the policy of Instagram, after the expiration of the token, you will have to re-authorize.

Our application allows you to create:

  • Posts;

  • Stories;

  • Video Reels;

  • Carousel;

  • Videos;

  • Test.


The first three items are in the greatest demand, but full functionality is never superfluous. Editing of the text is done in a similar way: for each type of message there are mandatory fields for filling. Text formatting is subject to the requirements of the platform, which, for example, prohibits the embedding of active hyperlinks in words or symbols.

Upon request, you can receive all statistical information that the platform provides to content authors. To do this, you should also click the button " Show Statistics ” and select output parameters.

In the case of Instagram, the solution from Avivi has a number of advantages. Using this service from the mobile application does not pose any problems. However, in the case of working with a desktop, using Instagram turns into a whole challenge. You won't have any problems creating a regular post, but you will have to be a little tricky to publish a story. Since most of the company's office workers use a browser to work with Bitrix24, it is also logical to use Instagram from a computer. Our application solves both problems: from the Bitrix24 window in the browser, you can easily create all kinds of posts on Instagram.


Discord is rapidly gaining popularity in the business environment: after its success among streamers and gamers, the platform has caught the attention of the IT community and many others. In general, posting in Discord is similar to Telegram, but has a number of unique features.

Verification takes place through the selection of the required bot: choose the bot and enter the login and password to manage it. Next, we need to choose the necessary server where the channels we need are created. For Discord, we can also create new channels directly from the application interface: specify the name of the channel, its type (text or voice) and category (private or public). You can post to one or several channels at the same time.


Editing the text part of the message involves minimal formatting, selecting characters or words, adding hyperlinks and emojis. All types of multimedia files can be added to attachments. The message can be published instantly or at a scheduled time.


A feature of the interface is the statistics of posts, which are displayed immediately after the tools for publications. It is renewed dynamically, since this look best suits this means of communication. In the statistics, we can see the post id, quote and publication time. Clicking on a separate line displays detailed statistics and the number of reactions from recipients.


Another feature is user management from private channels. By default, all users of a specific server enter the open channel. The audience of the private channel is formed by the user of our solution. You can add or remove users from a separate tab of the interface in the tab Discord.


In conclusion, it is necessary to add about the features of the appearance. Despite the asceticism, we added visual features to each tab that imitate the interface part of the services. Therefore, in addition to the corresponding logo, in each of the tabs you will find recognizable elements of service navigation: round or square pickers, buttons of the appropriate color and shape, and in the Telegram tab there is also a stylized background from the original version of the software.

At Avivi, we're confident that our messaging solution will help you because we've packed as many features as possible into it. For detailed information, cost and terms of use, contact Avivi managers , order a demo and ask questions. And if you have additional wishes or ideas on how to improve the solution specifically for your business, we'd love to chat about it live!

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