Updated Bitrix24 plans: how to choose the right one?

5 August 2021

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Valeriya Hodlevska


Valeriya Hodlevska
Updated Bitrix24 plans: how to choose the right one?

Bitrix24 has updated its pricing plans in August 2021, making them more straight forward: 

  • "Basic" plan for 5 users: full functionality of the co-working and Internet-shop which corresponds to some of the simplified plan's possibilities. It costs $49 per month;

  • "Standard" plan for 50 users: all the features of the basic plan plus marketing and online documents within the system. The price is $99 per month;

  • "Professional" plan includes all the Bitrix24 features, provides maximum working possibilities, and allows you to register an unlimited number of users. Just for $199 per month.

  • The "Free" plan was also left! The standard CRM is available on it. The unlimited number of employees in the system is a nice bonus.

August 2021 updated prices Bitrix24 CRM

Also, along with the purchase of the offer, there is a discount of 30% for one year, and 40% for two years.

*To clarify: these are the actual prices for new clients on the "Free" plan. If you already have a commercial cloud plan, its terms will remain unchanged. 

Bitrixt24 on-premise edition does not have the plan for 12 users. Currently, only "Corporate portal" and "Enterprise" are available.

  • "Corporate portal" accomodates from 50 to 500 employees; the cost changes depending on the number of users.

  • Plan "Enterprise": Extranet, e-commerce platform, multi-department, web-cluster and VIP-support 24/7, and in addition 1000+ users in the system.

Which plan suits you best?

The first question you will face is the choice between the Bitrix 24 cloud and CRM box edition.





  • paid to the Partner;

  • your own programmer on staff;

  • outsourced programmer.


No need to buy, as the data is stored on Bitrix24 servers

You need to buy to store data on it or rent it.

Functional refinement

Paid to the Partner;

Paid. Performed by a full-time programmer or an integrator company.


Free. Implementation by the vendor online.

Paid, 25% of the cost of a new box.

If you need to organize the work of the sales department in a systematic cooperation with the client, the best option for you is the "Basic" plan. It includes the web-site and landings creation on the Bitrix24 constructor.

The "Standard" plan is preferred to organize the work of the whole company, rather than a single department, as it allows to add the required number of employees, business processes and triggers to the plan. 

And if your company has over 50 employees, you need to automate the work of all the departments and maximize the potential of the company. "Professional" plan is the best choice in this case. Manage your working time efficiently and profitably.

Bitrix24 and other CRM systems

When considering the prices of other popular CRM platforms in the world, we can see a tendency that the average price of the most popular plan in Bitrix24 is much more profitable than the one of the competitors.

The cost of the standard plan, for example, Zoho CRM — $48; advanced features are available only in the PRO version, which is more expensive.

Sales Force — $150 at the most average rate per user per month. This is the most expensive offer on the CRM market.

At the same time, the price of Bitrix24, in the most optimal plan for 50 users, even at full load, will be only $1 per user per month. This is a multi-functional platform for the automatization of your business which includes a complete set of tools for managing the company and the communication between the employees.

As you can see, even upon enlarging the plans and increasing the costs Bitrix24 CRM remains the most profitable software product for your business. If you still have questions regarding the functionality, our employees will tell you everything and help you choose the optimal plan. It's worth mentioning, that Avivi's consultations are free of charge! 

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