What is an internal ticketing system in Bitrix24, and how does it function?

27 January 2022

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Viktoria Lapta

Project Manager

Viktoria Lapta
What is an internal ticketing system in Bitrix24, and how does it function?

Irrespective of the activity area, and company has their own established processes that have been accumulating for years. This article could be useful for you if customer-oriented service provisioning is an important factor  Among the advanced business owners that develop and use modern technologies to do that, there are those who are already use ticketing systems in their Bitrix24. Let's go into details to see what it is and how to efficiently use it.

A ticketing system establishes a sustainable connection between a client and a respective department; requests flow into this system in a completed form. Not every business requires it, but it is good to have it for those who closely work with customers and provide diverse support services.

A ticketing system is software created to organize and distribute the incoming requests for customer support. Such systems are also often referred to as "online tickets management system", "customers support ticket management system", or "ticket-workflow system". There are both separate services as well as those already integrated into other programs for business. 

If you use Bitrix24, there is no need to search for external solutions to establish a ticketing system. Using some additional services makes you dependent on external software and forces you to spend further financial resources. It will be more efficient to develop your own system, right in your Bitrix24 portal, just like MilanoSoftware – our customers from Canada did.

What does such a ticketing system consist of?

Our client is a software supplier; thus, this ticketing system is necessary for the efficient performance of their work. Now, let's take a closer look at the way this system works.

If a common user faces a matter or an issue, they raise their concern via a technical support email or through a website open line. This request flows into Bitrix24 and is processed by a responsible manager. They, in turn, select where this ticket will further be directed: technical support or sales department.

In a case when a ticket is directed to the sales department, the system creates a lead. If a customer's request turns out to be a technical support ticket, the system automatically creates a task for a responsible person of a respective department, where it's going to be processed respectively.

However, there is more to be offered apart from a simple requests distribution process. Every customer request to technical support is recorded and is connected to the company it refers to. When a task is completed, the result is added to the Portal's Knowledge Database. This is required to record the solutions to these issues for future references.  This also serves as educational material for the new employees. 

Custom developement specifications

As we see, the process is not very complex and diverse. However, it is simply impossible to achieve that in Bitrix24 without customization. Having studied a technical task from a customer, the Avivi team started working on this specific part of the project, which required committing around 60 human hours to be completed.

During that process we:

  • Customized the processing flow of an incoming email;

  • Added the respective buttons to the interface for ticket creation;

  • Automated the process of tasks and leads creation based on the tickets;

  • Automated the Knowledge Base replenishment according to the results of the tasks.


Internal tickets guarantee the arranged and established processes of a company.

If you are in need of efficient communication with a customer and the provision of diverse support services to the users of your business, this solution is for you!

We can assist in developing your own ticketing system and cut the losses of your time and resources. Contact us for a free of charge consultation from Avivi, and we will assist you.


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