Why Oracle Cloud will be the best solution for your Bitrix24?

28 July 2022

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav Nahnybida
Why Oracle Cloud will be the best solution for your Bitrix24?

The on-premise Bitrix24 is not only an almost unlimited opportunity to customize your Bitrix24, but also a great responsibility in terms of hosting, maintenance and support. One of the main roles here is played by the right choice of platform, on which all subsequent actions directly depend. The Avivi company has been implementing Bitrix24 for almost 10 years, and during this time our team has encountered a variety of hosting and public clouds, the wishes of customers and the problems that arose on this basis. We will not praise or criticize other services, but we will single out the one that we justifiably consider one of the best for deploying the Bitrix24 server edition with a scaling perspective.

What is Oracle Cloud and what are its features?

Today in the world there are many public cloud services of global and local scale, each of which is trying to find a unique offer for customers in their services. Some appeals to the increased degree of security of your data, others rely on architecture, and the third try to compete in pricing policy. However, Oracle Cloud (OCl) cannot boast of any specific advantage over competitors — instead, OCl presents a whole set of differences that make the service unique and attractive to users:

  • Oracle Cloud was created from scratch several years ago specifically to solve most of the problems of cloud services based on years of data and process analysis. This is not an improvement of any old service, but a solution focused on modern requests;

  • Critical corporate workloads in OCl are much easier to transfer due to the rejection of outdated principles of building a cloud environment on a virtual machine model that uses shared resources of a hypervisor and a network with an exceeded subscription limit;

  •  The human factor is reduced to a minimum, which reduces the likelihood of errors. Instead of people, control of installations and automatic correction of inaccuracies is addressed to automated systems, which increases optimization, and therefore productivity.

As such, Oracle Cloud is great for deploying or migrating any modern enterprise application. Flexible infrastructure allows you to scale both vertically and horizontally without rewriting applications, and the RDMA cluster network provides only microsecond latency for the most resource-intensive calculations.

Why does Bitrix24 work better in OCl?

Based on many years of experience in deploying boxed editions of Bitrix24 on a variety of platforms, Avivi specialists can come up with some general advice, as well as show in detail why Oracle Cloud remains the best choice so far.

First of all, it should be noted that it would be wrong to name a service that is completely unsuitable for Bitrix24 deployment: each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of the well-known public services, we most often worked with Amazone, Microsoft Azure, Ocean, Google Cloud Platform and even Docker. However, with the launch of Oracle Cloud, it became clear exactly where we would recommend customers to deploy on-premise Bitrix24.

The Bitrix24 virtual machine is quite resource-intensive, so without optimizing the operation of applications, you will not be able to achieve high performance. For most cases, deployment itself is not the most difficult task for developers. Things are much more complicated with debugging and support. Peak loads, connecting modules, increasing traffic from Portal users and launching many business processes can “break” settings and deprive Bitrix24 Portal employees of working correctly or working in principle. In this case, all responsibility lies with system administrators, who must constantly monitor the situation and promptly resume settings. As we have already said, in OCl most of these processes are automated. According to our observations, Bitrix24 critical errors in Oracle Cloud occur 67% less frequently. And no, this is not only because the software simply works more efficiently here — it's just that most emergency situations are resolved here without human intervention.

Safety is a priority standard

In addition to the architecture of the new generation, OCl has radically revised its approaches to security issues. Most past generation services followed the same policy: security features are added to specific services that run your applications. Thus, when scaling applications associated with the growth and development of your IT products, new elements require additional protection or remain without it at all, which is extremely dangerous and short-lived. In addition, additional protection requires additional payment, which increases the final user check for the user.

The creators of Oracle Cloud built security into your environment from the beginning and made it part of the standard functionality. Thus, security not only works for all modules and components of Bitrix24, but is also mostly free. OCl automatically scans the environment for misconfiguration, policy violations, and various suspicious activity. Data is encrypted both during transmission and in storage, so it is doubly difficult to get to them. And, as we have already mentioned more than once, most of the problems found are effectively solved automatically.

Public cloud for project development

The Avivi team was convinced of the advantages of Oracle Cloud for hosting the server edition of Bitrix24: even in terms of deployment, the time to prepare the environment and set up the virtual machine is reduced from 30% to half. Similarly, with unloading a system backup: a backup is created much faster, there are fewer errors, and system recovery takes minutes, not hours.

In the future, customization of a set of tools for business is also much easier in terms of configuration and work when introducing new functionality, and the new modules themselves work much more stable. It must be remembered that the on-premise Bitrix24 is, first of all, a platform with unlimited opportunities for development in terms of functionality. And the only thing that can interfere with this is just imperfect hosting.

We are in full agreement with IT specialists from global companies that have migrated their applications to Oracle Cloud. For example, CISCO has increased the performance of its own SaaS product by 60 times while reducing the cost of all services by 90%. And in just two weeks, Siemens was able to completely transfer from the local version, debug and start using the company's most complex information network, also reducing the cost of its support by almost 10 times.

Transparent pricing and savings

And about payment. This is another pain point for many services, since the cost of renting capacity is one thing, but the additional cost of troubleshooting or scaling is another, and often forgotten by users. That is why recovery after configuration failures can cost even more than a monthly service fee.

It should be noted that Oracle Cloud has no geographic differences. The company's physical equipment is evenly distributed around the world, so you can deploy and grow your environment in any region, regardless of your location - price arbitrage does not affect this. It is also not difficult to switch between cloud regions depending on the need.

The use of OCl-IaaS and PaaS services works on the principle of "Pay As You Go", that is, hourly payment only for the time of use. Thus, you have no obligation about the minimum maintenance period or the required amount of capacity. There is also no difference between forms of ownership: commercial and state structures are equalized in terms of payment.

This way, you can always budget fairly accurately for using Oracle Cloud. And that's not even taking into account rewards for wholesale customers. That's right, OCl provides discounts for customers through the Oracle Support Rewards program. It allows you to save from 25 cents from 1 dollar to 33 cents, which, in fact, reduces the monthly costs of the Bitrix24 platform by a third.

Results from developers

You can believe the word written above, or you can check it yourself. On behalf of the Avivi development team, we would like to add that we have already thoroughly studied the capabilities of Oracle Cloud and have put this knowledge into practice many times on the “combat” projects of our clients. This is also an important point if you decide to place your on-premise Bitrix24 in OCl and choose our company as a Partner: platform capabilities plus our skills equals high system performance, high fault tolerance, successful scaling guarantee and significant cost savings for supporting your main business tools.

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