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Liberty Way is a North American rehabilitation center for drug users. This is a modern institution with three residential buildings.
Bitrix24 is a single system for the entire Center. The program is used by both staff and guests, who are called “residents.” A separate feature set has been developed across the board. USA, Kanzas, Wichita

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The client provided Avivi experts with technical specifications in the form of user cases, according to which our employees created the entire logic of the Center operation. The main tasks included:

  • Development of an additional feature set on a special dashboard allowing for management accompanied by the visualization of residential premises for Center employees.

  • Creating rationale for residents: from the moment of their first contact with the Center to the moment of their discharge from the rehabilitation institution.

  • Settings of residents’ interaction system and the system of charging fines for certain violations of the Center operating mode.


To complete the order Avivi experts spent over 400 hours with a team of front- and back-end developers working on the project. A new custom page of the dashboard has appeared in the portal, where the status of residential rooms is displayed in real time: what rooms are vacant, who is arriving and leaving, who needs room cleaning, etc. 

The features of Bitrix24 CRM-form have been enhanced, depending upon the resident’s response, new fields that were previously hidden will appear. For residents, the Extranet is also configured: after filling out the questionnaire, they get access to the Portal, where they can send requests to management and receive reports on their stay in the Center. The system of charging fines for residents has been set up. 

The Lead card has been upgraded and now employees have the opportunity to communicate with residents directly from the CRM through the Twilio service channels.


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The result

Having fulfilled the tasks set by the client, the Liberty Way Rehabilitation Center obtained a reliable and customized control system specifically for its needs, which integrates all business processes of the organization:

A custom Dashboard allows personnel to navigate the situation with residential rooms and the needs of guests. This page in the portal is a homepage for all employees of the Center. Depending on the position, different levels of access to other information and CRM have been configured for personnel.

For Bitrix24, residents are Leads with the Extranet user rights and status sets. Depending on the status, the system performs certain actions: it allows settling into the room, charges fines, sends automatic messages, and so forth. The status change occurs both automatically and manually by employees;

The management of fines has been elaborated in great detail and provides for various types of disciplinary violations. If a resident, for example, evaded the assigned task related to social activity, he will be charged one type of fine. But if he knowingly tells a lie or decides to cheat in order to avoid the work, it's going to be a completely different fine.

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