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The Five Star Claims Adjusting Company is a major player in the insurance recovery market. The main goal of the company is to defend the interests of its clients before the insurance companies. To do this, free third-party contractors, who represent the interests of clients in various insurance disputes, are involved.
Over the years, the company helped to recover hundreds of millions of dollars. The company owns the self-hosted version of Bitrix24, for which the expanded functionality of the extranet group Contractor Portal was developed. USA, Florida, Melbourne

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For the customer, it was important to ensure the access of third-party contractors to the “Lead” entity of their CRM with certain restrictions and conditions. The main "pain" of Five Star Claims Adjusting was the need to simultaneously participate in the work process of a large number of contactors, which is constantly increasing. The main tasks looked like this:

  • To make the access to the lead cards in CRM possible for a contractor without the right to edit information;

  • To configure the portal interface in a certain way to conveniently display the necessary information;

  • To remove the possibility of communication between contractors to eliminate a competition.


The solution for the customer was the development of the extension of the extranet-group functionality, which allowed to fulfill all the requirements for the technical task. This solution is only available for one specific extranet group – the “Contractor Portal”. At the same time, the ability to create other extranet groups and to use the standard Bitrix24 functionality is not lost.


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The result

Upon completion of the project, the client company received the use of an improved portal Bitrix24, the functionality of which allowed them to follow the set goals with ease for administrators and without additional costs:

The extranet group functionality was customized in accordance with customer requirements, the process of inviting contractors from an extranet to the customer portal has been improved;

The appearance of the portal pages was changed in accordance with the branding of Five Star Claims Adjusting, the ability of contractors to search for their colleagues was disabled, the changes in lead status, updates to change the person in charge were added in the timeline;

The display processes of Bitrix24 leads for the contractor was customized: it can be available only after approval by the administrator and subject to two conditions of contractor compliance.

I've spent a great deal of time with Avivi and have to say they have been extremely helpful with all of my needs. I started with them when I was having an emegency with my Bitrix system and was unable to get help anywhere else. They immediately helped solve the issue and have been there ever since. I can't express my appreciation for them in words, other than Thank You for always being there when I need you! :)

Jarred Lintz

Director of Operations

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