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Clients of Avivi from Dr.Clinic are followers of the popular global brand of high-quality cosmetics. The history and production traditions date back forty years of confident development. However, today's world requires efficient distribution solutions, where the direct sales system is one of the most successful in general.
That is why the clients entrusted our developers with an important and responsible mission: to create not only the site of their own eCommerce project, but also to develop the driving force of the business — a solution for the personal account of site visitors, which allows you to manage a partner MLM structure for the most effective sales

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Avivi received a complex task to develop an eCommerce platform: a commercial online store, integration with leading software and payment and delivery services, as well as development of a custom solution for partners.

After a thorough analysis of the business processes of our clients and in accordance with the technical task, it was decided to use the CMS system for the development of the site, and to create the MLM part custom-made. The use of ready-made solutions in this case was inappropriate, since the client's task was unique and not templated. Therefore, developing our own solution not only saved time, but also allowed us to create exactly the kind of solution that customers from Dr.Clinic were expecting.


The best practices and ideas for commercial projects in the field of cosmetics and beauty were used in the development of the online store. We took into account the customers' products, the main message and the purpose of the site: to help users find and buy products that emphasize charm and personality, give health and a natural look to hair and nails, or are at hand every day to maintain the hygiene of the whole family. The site has a bright theme, a clear structure and an interface convenient for everyone.

However, the most difficult part of the project was the MLM part. Since the CMS does not have its own required component, its development took place in the PHP language using the Full-Stack method. Since our developers clearly understood what the result should be, it was possible to design a perfect solution with a full set of necessary functions and tools. So the solution from Avivi is capable:

  • Display the network structure of the company;

  • Keep track of working capital and calculate internal points needed to form a rating of partners;

  • Automatically calculate partners' profits;

  • Distribute rewards among network participants;

  • Provide all types of necessary reports and statistics, etc.

The partner's office is a web application — in fact, it is a separate part of the company's IT infrastructure, which works in parallel with the website and the leading software for accounting. Users get to the partner's office through the usual browser of a computer or mobile gadget. This advantage adds to the ease of use of the solution, which does not require additional installed applications. The custom design differs from the general theme of the site, but is discreet and clear to make it easier for partners. Avivi developers have taken care of the comfort of users and administrators with Dr.Clinic, who control the partner network and provide consultations to partners.


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The result

Cooperation with Avivi provided our customers with flawless execution of the complex task of creating a full-fledged product for organizing and scaling an eCommerce project with a direct sales system. The main achievements for the project summary are:

The full cycle of development of all components of the IT infrastructure of the project: from the planning and design stages to integrations, testing and providing technical support;

Addition of ready-made CMS capabilities with a custom PHP solution that allows you to integrate the construction of MLM-structure management companies into the business;

Saving time for the development of the entire project and saving the budget due to the competent creation of a solution with specific functions that are needed purely for the customer.

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