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The company "Velox" specializes in providing a full list of services for purchase, delivery and placing of packages from the United States of America to Russia and Ukraine.
The Avivi team has solved the difficult task of linking into a single system the multiple logistics processes for an international shipping company USA, New York

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Backend Developer



The creation of B2C service for interaction between the client and the company "Velox":

  • The service should be simple for the user;

  • The possibility of buying goods in online stores of the USA independently or the commission of this process to the company "Velox" should be taken into account in the personal cabinet;

  • Tracking options, linking orders for co-mailing, cost calculation should be considered.


To fulfill the tasks of the customer, three separate directions were created, which together provide the fulfillment of all the processes:

  • Veloxbox – the service of "B2C" type, which provides interaction with the client;

  • Veloxhub – a service for the internal work of the company from receiving a parcel to the USA before arriving at the final destination;

  • Velox API – software for correct data exchange between services and third-party platforms.


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The result

To suppress peak loads, the system RabbitMQ was applied to the system. This allows to stabilize significantly the operation of services with numerous requests of users and the active movement of data about the packages.

The time for processing orders was reduced, the customers received a modern and convenient way of ordering and tracking goods;
The tools for parcels routing, tracking and recognizing have appeared for the company's employees, if at any stage an error or failure has occurred;
Velox API is responsible for data exchange between the software components of the Velox project, as well as third-party platforms. The solutions created on PHP are imperceptible neither for users, nor for employees of the company. But they play the main role in the functioning of the whole system.
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