Group edit mode for custom fields in the Bitrix24 List view

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Onyx Telecom has been addressing its customers' communication problems as independent provider for 35 years. During this time the company has successfully completed 236 projects and services 361 telephone lines.
Company employees like their business, so they strive to create and maintain the best systems for their customers. And this requires the best technology, one of which is Bitrix24 CRM. USA, New York

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Initially, the client asked our company to add a group edit mode to the list item output page, because in standard functionality, group edit mode and actions are only available for CRM entities and do not work with all field types. Onyx Telecom employees needed to edit any custom fields at the same time without going to the item editing page or the lead card.


Our team has implemented the editing functionality of the custom fields by significantly refining the Bitrix24 List display component. This allowed for group editing of fields of the following types:

  1. Multiple fields (List, Date, Line, Number, Money);

  2. Binding to CRM elements;

  3. Checkbox ( “Yes/No” List);

  4. Users’ fields “Date” and “Date/Time”;

  5. Drop-down list for custom fields;

  6. Fields for comments like textarea.


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The result

After the work completing, Onyx Telecom has the exclusive ability to massively change values ​​in all required fields. However, the project with Avivi allowed to solve not only this task:

The group editing functionality is available in any place where list items are displayed, namely: in the special tab of the entity card for which there is a binding. This means that users do not need to deliberately go to the list section to change the values ​​of the element fields: right from the CRM card, you can edit any desired field of one or more list elements with a single action;

Avivi team has equipped the upgraded component with a handler that is able to write editable data in the correct formats depending on the type of the field;

The client got additional benefits from working with us, using the advice of our experts on the transfer of the on-premice Bitrix24 from the Docker platform to the Virtual Machine. After that, the Portal began to work much more stable and faster.

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