Implementation of Bitrix24 in the sphere of tourism and wine-making

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The history of wine production in the Transcarpathian region begins in the XV century. The modern enterprise Chateau Chizay owns its own vineyards of 272 hectares, produces a premium collection of aged wines, expanding the palette with white varieties.
In 2018, the Chateau Chizay Academy educational project began, the goal of which is to develop the brand, flourish winemaking in the region and popularize tasting tours. For the full development of the idea, an effective CRM system was needed. Ukraine, Berehove

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Before the start of the collaboration, the staff of Chateau Chizay already had a thoughtful model of the work of the future CRM. Initially, the customer focused on the cloud version Bitrix24, but in the process of setting up the software, the advantages of the on-premise version became obvious. Avivi company developers were faced with the following tasks:

  • Transfer data from the cloud version of Bitrix24 to the on-premise version;

  • Customize the entity "Contact" in accordance with the requirements of the customer;

  • Solve the issue with the ability to select multiple languages in the on-premise portal.


Thanks to the operational actions of our company's managers, the client was provided with the most favorable conditions for moving from the “cloud” to the “on-premise”. Thanks to the close cooperation with technical support Bitrix24, the deployment of backup on the client's server was successful. Our experts have set up open lines and widget for the site Particular attention was paid to the Facebook social network, on which the customer placed special bets in promotion.

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The result

Soon the staff of Chateau Chizay appreciated the advantages of using the on-premise edition. Our specialists refined the functionality and made the basic system settings, and also, thanks to their high professionalism, solved the issue of multilingualism.

We have set up open Facebook and Instagram lines. Now you can write both in live chat and in Messenger or direct to company in the standard widget on the Chateau Chizay website. We have created the ability to also “pull up” comments to posts on Facebook.

An important improvement was the customization of the entity “Contact”. It was necessary for the customer to label the leads in the direction of their interest: products, tourism, etc. Now, when creating a new contact or editing an existing one, this direction can be added and, accordingly, all existing contacts can be filtered by it.

The main improvement of the portal was the installation of the Language Picker - the ability to select one of the two languages present in the portal. For any on-premise edition, only one base language is possible by default. Our developers have protected this opportunity from failure in case of updating the portal. Details of this refinement are a commercial secret of Avivi company.

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