The integration of Bitrix24 into the real estate business

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Cavadian Properties is a North American company from the city of Dallas, which is engaged in the purchase of real estate. The company values the time of its customers and tries to prepare any commercial offer in less than 24 hours.
With this tempo of work and the flow of customers, each of them is worth its weight in gold. It is important for the company to respond to people's requests in a timely manner, as well as to remember the needs of each client. USA, Texas, Brookriver

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The customer company is new in using of Bitrix24 and CRM in general. The main task with which they applied to Avivi was: “To save employees from monotonous paperwork.” During the evaluation of the project, taking into account the specifics of the agency, the amount of information and methods of communication with clients, two main areas of work were outlined together:

  • To automate the process of obtaining and distributing leads in CRM;

  • To create the ability to autocomplete e-mail templates with offers to customers.


To correctly create CRM records, it was necessary to organize the process of dividing incoming calls actually into leads and other realtors - the second largest category of people who turn to Cavadian Properties for commercial cooperation. The task is implemented as a refinement of the standard Bitrix24 functional and creation of additional fields in the essence of “Lead”, which allowed to separate the flow of incoming information. Several robots were set up to monitor lead statuses, reminders, automatic responses to leads and realtors.

Our managers have integrated a corporate email for Cavadian Properties. Now, to send offers to customers, agency staff uses a special email template created in Avivi. It is able to pull out photos of the desired properties from the CRM in just a few clicks.


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The result

As a result of the completed project, the Cavadian Properties realtor agency received a powerful and effective tool for developing its business — Bitrix24 CRM. After appropriate configuration and refinement of the functionality, the customer was satisfied and has received:

Convenient CRM, capable of processing and distributing incoming calls depending on the category of lead (buyer or partner);

Automated control system for the implementation of tasks, promotion of the lead on statuses from the moment of getting into CRM and until the conclusion of a transaction using robots;

Customized and modified e-mail functionality that allows you to attach the desired images of the property (product) to the proposals for customers.

The CRM increased efficiency while meeting expectations for functionality. Avivi worked transparently and delivered the system faster than expected. Despite the time difference, they were responsive via remote communication. Customers can expect highly-affordable rates.

Nick Rotundo

Property Specialist

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