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WERTGARANTIE AG has been successfully working in the field of personal and commercial electronics insurance across Europe since 1963. The company cooperates with well-known brands, allowing them to integrate their products into the company’s business processes.
WERTGARANTIE includes a simple process of online purchasing and/or order management. Germany, Hannover

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The representatives of the company asked us to find a convenient solution to consolidate the company’s communications and preserve their entire history. Other requests were to develop solutions to save time, update some functionalities, and establish the company’s staff roles with strict security marking. The customer wished to create a module to limit the download of documents by IP, the completion of which was followed by two years of our cooperation.


To solve the set tasks, the company installed its own Bitrix24 hosting because of its many features and flexibility of functionality. We have developed a solution to preserve the security of corporate documents: when an employee leaves the office, the module restricts all CRM files from being uploaded or downloaded. The development was implemented on our server because the WERTGARANTIE Group needed 100% confidentiality. After the completion of works, the project was uploaded to the company’s system with the help of an employee in the local office in Germany.


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The result

The profusion of new tasks in the completed project made it difficult at first for users to get used to the system. But some time after the launch, the company obtained positive results.

The modified Survey module allows us to compile surveys for corporate events with a flexible analysis. The manager responsible for events regularly creates surveys and receives feedback from employees. He can then see diagrams based on the surveys’ results in the admin panel and thus can work with people more thoroughly. All information is safer. The HR department now has all the information stored in one system which can be quickly accessed.

The use of Bitrix24 Disk is now mandatory in the company. The corporate culture has significantly expanded. The employees now know each other better, and it is easier to find the right person in a large many-storied office. Everyone can see where the workplace of their coworker is. The time it takes to receive a response from another user is reduced. Employees, on average, stay in the company longer, because they get more privileges if they work longer.

Thanks to the implementation of the Bitrix24 system, the user has received the necessary changes for effective communication, data storage, and enhancement of business processes of in the company.

Avivi’s team gives us status updates so we can work more transparently. Thank you for the cooperation, guys!
Vera Ossipov

Process manager

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