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Life Division Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in the field of financial advice in terms of the flow and number of its consultants. The consortium is the basis of an innovative international group. The company's goal is to provide customers with reliable and flexible financial solutions.
The company is confident that in the modern world it is impossible to be a leader without the use of innovation. Such an attitude to modern technologies allowed the company to overcome the consequences of the 2007 financial crisis, ensured security and high-quality service to its customers. That is why Life Division Ltd chose the self-hosted version of Bitrix24. Hungary, Budapest

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The main task for Avivi was the integration of the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 in accordance with the specifications of the technical task. This included:

  • Making of fields, entities, possibilities of cloning and unification of cases or leads in Bitrix24;

  • Custom completion of the self-hosted version functionality and approximation of the Bitrix24 user interface to Salesforce for the convenience of staff;

  • Setting up the processes related to processing emails and telephony.


The specialists of our company were given a clear task to maximize the similarity of processes with similar actions in Salesforce. This caused certain difficulties, because in the two CRM systems some entities (for example, “Lead”) are similar, but have important program differences. To accomplish this task, it was necessary not only to change the interface, but a deep customization of key processes. The customer company used Cisco telephone equipment and SIP-connector. In order to ensure communication through Bitrix24, it was necessary to think out and implement an algorithm for the interaction of all components with each other.


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The result

According to the wishes of Life Division Ltd, for the convenience of managers, we added the quick links to various sections: “Leads”, “Call-center”, “Closed deals” and “VIP clients”.

The customization the “Lead” entity in Bitrix24 brought the work with it closer to a similar process in Salesforce. In order to avoid re-creating leads from emails, our employees implemented an algorithm for сombining letters from one lead from different branches of correspondence.

Our developers have created a custom process that allows the manager to select files from the incoming letter that are automatically attached to the lead. Files not marked by the manager remain in the letter, but are not transferred to the lead. In addition, the manager can assign files their own names (for example, "Scan Passport", etc.).

After the completion, the “Description” field changed its appearance. Now it is displayed in html format and looks like a music player that allows you to listen to the recordings of phone calls.Thanks to the work done in the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 of Life Division Ltd, it became possible to tie together phone call records with entities “Lead” and “Contact”. And the same call can be tied to an unlimited number of entities.

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