Transferring the Kyiv Jewelry Factory online store to the Magento 2 platform

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Kyiv Jewelry Factory (KUZ) is actively strengthening the IT direction in parallel with the development of the store network. To increase online sales, you need a reliable and powerful platform that meets the challenges of today and does not depend on geopolitical factors.
Among many offers, our customer chose one of the best CMS: Magento 2. Avivi developers have extensive expertise in developing for this platform and the jewelry industry in general. All this became a reliable basis for the implementation of the project of a new online store. Eastern Europe

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Our customer decided to change the eCommerce platform to Magento 2. For this, it was necessary to develop a new design based on previous achievements and features, create a layout and integrate with the Magento 2 CMS. On the backend, a new server should be deployed and configured, the database and user information should be transferred. For a while, both versions of the online store were supposed to work in parallel while the staff was trained and visitors were familiarized with the new version of the site. In order to improve work skills, it was necessary to develop user manuals for KYUZ employees. All the wishes of the customer, which do not have corresponding ready-made solutions in Magento 2, had to be implemented custom.


The Community version of Magento 2, which has all the necessary resources and tools for creating an online store of the required level, became acceptable for project development. The updated design carried out by Figma involved a rethinking of the existing user interface solutions and increased comfort. At the same time, the design had to repeat the already established solutions inherent in the jewelry industry and meet the company's branding standards. It should be noted that the use of Magento 2 sets certain limits for front-end developers, who must take these features into account at the layout stage.

Avivi developers unloaded the entire database of the previous site and transferred it to the new database. The CMS already has an implemented eCommerce logic and ready-made elements that interact with each other and require careful adjustment or addition. To realize certain wishes, it was necessary to customize elements and blocks, write scripts in the JavaScript language. A large share of custom development falls on:

  • Addition of collection and product cards with pull-down and pull-down menus;

  • Development of custom sliders;

  • Filter settings,

  • Development of a slider for product comparisons with fixed fields;

  • Creating rules for positioning images,

  • Automation of notifications, etc.


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The result

As a result, customers from the Kyiv Jewelry Factory received a modern online store on a powerful eCommerce platform with unlimited business scaling:

A new online store was created on the Magento 2 platform with an updated user-friendly design;
The standard functionality has been customized and a new one has been added strictly according to the customer's wishes;
Created documentation for internal use with instructions for company employees.
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