Timesheet Module

Version : on-premise

App Description

The functionality of the extension revolves around enhancing the efficiency of time-logging management for employees. Each employee has access to the page where ongoing tasks, projects and clients are displayed. At the moment the tasks are selected from the pool of tasks where a certain user is set as “Responsible person”. Information can be filtered in order to display and search by some certain criteria.


  • Install and configure Timesheet Module for Bitrix24 Self-Hosted edition;

  • Organize time entry for tasks on a single page;

  • Extend functionality of the module by adding other roles for time-tracking (view options);

  • Enable editing for logged time by users with administrator access;

  • Change view for workgroups: add expandable tasks, remove grouping by Clients;

  • Sync of Timesheet activities with standard B24 functionality, add Billable state;

  • Add option to toggle view between “Archived” / “Closed” and Ongoing tasks and projects;

  • Make adjustments to the activity editing options (enable changing selected task);

  • Add custom Data export functionality.

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