Magento 2

Powerful and flexible CMS for all e-commerce needs. Magento 2 occupies more than 30% of the global market for its niche and is a worthy competitor to all other analog platforms. Choosing Magento 2 for your business is a guarantee of success and prosperity. And our experienced team will help to realize even the most demanding idea!

We offer

Full project development cycle: from planning and design to testing and release
Integration with various third-party services and CRM, development of new APIs and training in their management
Technical support of existing projects: error correction, optimization, development of new functionality
Let's discuss your Magento 2 project today and you will see its benefits tomorrow!


Avivi is a Gold certified partner of Bitrix24. This is a universal set of business tools for the most efficient work of your company online. Five sections of the Corporate Portal will meet all the needs of the team: Collaboration, CDM, Tasks and projects, Sites and stores, SHR and automation. 10 million companies around the world choose Bitrix24

We offer

Implementation of cloud and on-premise Bitrix24, customization of the system purely for the needs of your business
Individual development of applications and modules, as well as training to work with the system for your team
Selection, sale and renewal of licenses for all Bitrix24 tariff plans on the most favorable terms
Choose the modern automated Bitrix24 system and our professional team will show you all its possibilities!

Telegram bots

Avivi is a leader in the development of custom solutions for Telegram bots and automated systems to improve customer service. We create effective chatbots that are integrated with your platform and take on the responsibilities of communicating with customers, selling, providing advice or transferring website functionality directly to your customers' smartphones through the official Telegram application.

We offer

Creation of prototypes with further development of Telegram bots with a custom backend created in the Python programming language
Full integration of the Telegram bot with the functionality of your IT ecosystem: website, CRM, payment system, etc.
Technical support of created solutions, scaling, updating and refinement for the prosperity of your business
The Telegram bot works for you 365/24/7, does not require a salary, but replaces an entire department of employees at once.


The Avivi company has been working on the development of decentralized systems for many years and implements various projects related to the blockchain. We have focused our attention and efforts on the direction of smart contracts and achieved considerable success. Almost every day, new promising projects arise and the possibilities of existing ones are expanded. That's why smart contracts are always relevant and help build your business assets in the digital world.

We offer

All types of work with smart contracts on Solidity: development, debugging, optimization and audit.
Creation and management of all types of tokens based on the EPC20 standard and other modifications.
We help in the development of projects using blockchain technology, advise and provide developers.
Minimize risks, automate the process and save using smart contracts!

Avivi`s expertise

Avivi has chosen for itself the main and perspective technologies to which it pays the most attention. However, over 15 years of working in the global business tools market, we have excellent expertise in implementing other solutions, data migration between systems, custom development and platform integration. Therefore, if your interests are within the framework of the following technologies, we will be happy to discuss with you the possibility of further cooperation:
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How do we work?

  1. First stage
    Submit Your application on our website and get responce from Avivi`s manager
  2. Second stage
    Discuss technikal taskб timing and chose a sutable form of payment
  3. Third stage
    Sign an agreement with Avivi and NDA if necessary, when you are ready to start cooperation
  4. Fourth stage
    The most active stage of the project is when specific tasks are performed. You get clear reports on the work done.
  5. Final stage
    Upon completion of testing, you receive a finished product from Avivi of the highest quality
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