Your Essential Guide on the Bitrix24 Applications

There are many useful Bitrix app variants. Bitrix24 applications can be considered in many different categories. Project progress app, for example, Easy-to-use interface application for Bitrix24 that lets you keep tabs on current projects and their general development according to the parameters you choose. If your company is involved in project operations, Bitrix24 is a must-have tool. You’ll be able to maintain tabs on all of your projects at once with the “Progress projects” app, no matter how many there are!

Variety of Bitrix24 Apps

Harvest Integration allows you to sync Bitrix24’s Cloud or Self-Hosted versions with Harvest in order to keep track of how much time your workers spend on various tasks. After downloading the program from Bitrix24. Marketplace, open your portal and follow the on-screen instructions to get started. Harvest automatically sends data to Bitrix24 every 15 minutes. Responsible individuals and Participants in the Harvest app will now have access to previously inaccessible projects and tasks. Bitrix24 Tasks that are closed or removed will no longer appear in Harvest accounts, making time tracking inaccessible to Harvest users.

The first successful integration of Bitrix24 with Time Doctor is the Time Doctor app, which eliminates the need to duplicate several tasks while using two applications simultaneously. There were many times when users had to hurry between the windows of two different applications and click several buttons as a result of this.

The Bitrix24 extranet group feature in the Help Desk extension will help you arrange the processing of client requests. The system seems to be highly user-friendly and cost-effective from the perspective of both consumers and workers. This extension’s functionality focuses on improving the efficiency of time-logging management for workers by creating a new extranet and inviting all the required participants to it as well as creating a mailbox for requests. Continual duties, projects, and customers are visible to every employee. A user who has been designated as the “Responsible person” selects tasks from a pool of such tasks. Filtering information allows it to be displayed and searched based on certain criteria.

Send and receive emails easily with the SMTP Custom module for on-premise Bitrix24 exclusively. It lets you connect an infinite number of email domains to the Portal.

Easy-to-use interface application for Bitrix24 that lets you keep tabs on current projects and their general development according to the parameters you choose.

Last but not the least, “Time And Project Reports” is the most straightforward and user-friendly solution for tracking staff productivity in a project. The connections between customers and workers will be strengthened for your business if duties are clearly understood and implemented on time.

Putting this all together, Bitrix24 provides a vast array of useful applications that can be used to increase the productivity of your employees, generate trusted connections with your customers, and organize the company’s work in a more efficient way.

How to Start Getting Benefits from Using Bitrix24 Apps?

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