Multilanguages module

Version : on-premise

App Description

Custom module, only for the on-premise edition of Bitrix24, provides a possibility to add to Bitrix24 an appropriate language or even several languages and permits easily switching the interface portal language or admin panel.

For what purpose do you need our module “Multi-languages”?

There is only one language version for the on-premise edition of Bitrix24 by default. By buying this licensed product, the customer can choose one from the other 18* affordable languages, if his benefits differ from geographic binding. However, the choice of the language of interface is technically possible only once. If there is no required language in the lists or you require free switching of several languages for the organization of international business - this is solved by implementing a special module and Avivi already has such a development.


*Number of languages at the time of writing.

The solution will be useful if there is

• If there is no one you need among the available languages in Bitrix24

• If there is a company need of possibility individual change of language to employees. 

• If language issue is an obstacle to the prosperity of your business.  

Time expenditure

The project realization mostly depends on the existence of translation to necessary language. Providing a ready-made translation, checked by native speakers is a huge advantage. Simple usage of new language file together with configuration will take approximately 20 hours of development If we don’t take into account time expenditure for translation with the help of Avivi Company. The complete localization for 1 language with providing a possibility of each user language choice will take 2 times more time. However, the usage of an already ready-made solution for the Multi-language module will decrease the time up to 30 hours.

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