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App Description

We present to your attention a single application for creating publications in popular social networks in the mode of a single window of the Bitrix24 Portal. No more switching accounts or using multiple devices: everything you need is taken care of by Avivi developers in one product.


Posting is a major task for many businesses promoting their products and services through social networks and messengers. It is also a vital matter for bloggers, influencers and mass media workers, for whom dissemination of information is the main activity. You need to publish a lot of different content every day in order not to lose old customers or subscribers and get new ones. All this requires a lot of time and effort, the constant concentration of attention of the authors of publications and switching between numerous browser tabs or application windows...
But if you work for Bitrix24, the problem of posting media content is solved for you once and for all thanks to the application from Avivi.

About the application

Introducing the Media Posting App — a one-stop solution for posting directly from Bitrix24. The list of ready connections is constantly updated and currently includes:


Our solution works within a single window, and to switch between services just use tabs. Our application allows you to publish all kinds of media content, including images, animations, videos, reels, stories, files, and of course text with emojis and hyperlinks. Edit messages directly in the Media Posting App window or insert prepared content from a computer or mobile gadget — the application will post everything without limitations on the size or duration of media files immediately or at the time you need.

Extensive API capabilities

Avivi developers have thoroughly researched the API of each service and added to the application as many useful tools as they offer. Of course, the Media Posting APP will not allow you to do more than the service provides, but even here its capabilities are wider than those of web versions or mobile applications. For example, there is no limit on the maximum file size for a post. Right from Bitrix24, you can create new channels, manage followers, view user reactions for each individual post, and much more.

Together or separately

Do you use only some of the listed services? No problem: install individual elements of the Media Posting App instead of a complete solution for Cloud Bitrix24 or order a version customized for your business for Bitrix24 on-premise.
Also, Avivi developers can create a completely custom part for posting to the social network you need, which is necessary for your business.

Cost and payment

And finally, the best news: unlike other apps, we don't set any limits on the number of channels and we don't charge extra for using new ones! You pay only for the use of the application and get unlimited access to all its components. Install our application, choose services and post an unlimited amount of content!

Read about the possibilities of each of the connected services separately from the list below:

Posting to Telegram

Posting to Discord

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Avivi is a leader in the development of custom applications for cloud and on-premis versions of the Bitrix24. If You have an idea of an important and necessary solution for Bitrix24, we are ready to implement it!

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