Let’s share articles in Telegram instantly!

Good news for everyone who uses Telegram to promote their business: after reading this article, you will be able to customize the Telegram instant view template and share your materials with the speed of ping. Now we will tell you how this is useful and how to work with it.

A pig in a poke and Bitrix24 integration

“Where is your company in the list of sales of Bitrix24?” — someone recently asked our sales manager on the phone, having first asked about the purchase of an inexpensive tariff. “We are in the top ten, but the main thing is that we have one of the largest teams of certified developers for Bitrix24 and ...” - they hung up the phone without hearing the answer. This article is written for those who will also pick up soon the phone to look for a contractor to work with Bitrix24: what to look for and where to be alert.

Bitrix24 integration by Avivi with love!

Everything we do for our clients, we do with love. Specially for Valentine's Day, Avivi is in a hurry to share the warmth of our employees`s hearts with You!

How to raise a control to maximum power with the help of CRM

You are a manager, which means you need to control your employees. How do you do it? Do you try to keep all the strings in your hands? Don’t worry: sooner or later everything will get out of control in the best possible way ... And you can be protected from this case by using a CRM-system.

Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

30 January 2019

Vyacheslav Askerov


Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!
Avivi won an Oscar in 2019!

The first recipient of the Oscar became known already before the 91st ceremony. There is no catch in this — only the best of the best receive the Oscars in the Bitrix24 community abmunity, just like in the film industry.

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