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Pizza Brick: all about developing a Play-to-Earn commercial crypto game with a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain by Avivi

Avivi has experience in game development and creation of game mechanics in partnership with other studios. But our team is always looking for development, so it's time for our own custom project. In this article, we tell you all about the new crypto game, from inception to release, created by our developers. We hope that it will be interesting to absolutely everyone, and especially to those who dream of developing their own game. After all, it is quite possible to develop it with our help.

Custom business process in Bitrix24 to improve the work of a sewing company from Avivi

Customization of Bitrix24 allows you to change and supplement the product exactly as your company needs. In this article, we will not tell about some complex solution or fundamental idea. However, the case of customization of the production process of a sewing company shows how effectively a painful issue can be solved thanks to automation. Experienced Avivi developers perform such tasks with high quality and enthusiasm, add their own considerations to the customer's ideas, which makes the final result much better.

Avivi's science promotion solution: create NFTs from your own scientific researches

Avivi continues to introduce blog readers to interesting and extraordinary solutions for WEB 3.0. This time we are talking in detail about the project of creating a service for people involved in science: scientists who have serious achievements, as well as students who are gaining new knowledge and researching new promising topics. The solution is completely built in Python, the best language for developing scientific projects, complex calculations and interacting with the blockchain. A successful solution was the use of NFT to popularize scientific articles and benefit their authors.

Bitrix24 on-premise clustering: what is it, why it is needed, and how Avivi`s specialists implemented such a project

Improving productivity and stabilizing work is important for every large IT project. In the case of the Bitrix24 product, this is an extremely important issue that affects the performance of the entire company. This is especially relevant for on-premise editorial offices, and in the case of the Enterprise plan, this is generally one of the main challenges. Web-cluster is a feature to solve it, but its application in practice requires the intervention of experienced developers, such as those in Avivi.

The one spot solution for posting all types of messages on Telegram Instagram and Discord via Bitrix24 from the developers of Avivi

If you need to post a lot on Telegram Instagram and Discord are solutions from Avivi just for you! This is the only application for cloud and on-premise Bitrix24, which allows you to publish absolutely all types of content, including media files, directly from the corporate Portal. We have gathered together all the possibilities so that you can easily work with publications within a single window.

Avivi's custom MLM structure component for Bitrix24

If your company operates within a network structure, this article is tailor-made for you. The stock capabilities of Bitrix24 don't encompass the necessary tools for constructing networks, computing interests and incentives, and all the essentials inherent in MLM structures. While some remedies can be found on Bitrix24.Market, the good news is that they're no longer obligatory. Avivi's team brings forth a versatile, user-friendly custom component that encompasses all the essential functionalities and can seamlessly operate on any on-premise Bitrix24 instance.

An effective solution from Avivi for automating the work of site visitors with FAQs through Bitrix24 and integration with ChatPDF

Customers always have many of the same questions and they can find most of the answers in the FAQ section of your company's website. But in practice, customers do not want to read a lot and look for answers on their own — they contact the support service and "terrorize" your employees. But if you have Bitrix24, this process can be not only simplified, but also completely automated for better productivity of your employees, and most importantly — for the convenience of customers. In this article, we will talk about a solution that is distinguished by efficiency, simplicity and economy and at the same time uses advanced neural network technologies.

How to monitor the movement and condition of agricultural machinery in Bitrix24 — a comprehensive offer for farmers from Avivi

Bitrix24 provides the ability to track the working hours of Portal users, and this tool is in great demand. What about tracking the movement of equipment? Specialists of our company are asked this question very often from all over the world. Avivi has repeatedly created solutions for controlling the movement of various machines, so in this article we will tell about it on the example of farmers, from whom such requests come most often.

Integration of Bitrix24 with Wave — development of an application for the Marketplace by Avivi`s experts

Not so long ago, Wave and Bitrix24 did not have a ready-made integration, so the platforms could only work together using custom development. Avivi clients who use both platforms have ordered an integration project from our company. A special condition is that it must be an application available in Bitrix24.Market. This means that in the future, anyone will also be able to take advantage of how these products work together.

Integration of Bitrix24 with DocuSign: a convenient and reliable way to sign documents before invoicing by Avivi

Approving important documents with an electronic digital signature is an extremely useful tool that ensures the safety and reliability of your work with clients. Currently, there are many offers on the market, but integration is required to use Bitrix24. In this article, we will talk about the features of integration with DocuSign and tell about all the advantages of such a solution on the example of a real project for our company's clients.

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