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Complete freedom in work with Bitrix24.Disk for extraneous users

The next customization of Bitrix24 from the Avivi team is full access to the files stored on Bitrix24.Disk for everyone. It is absolutely impossible to achieve something like this with the standard functionality of the platform, as you can only view and save files on your own device. And we have ensured complete freedom.

Bitrix24 integration via Zapier

21 April 2022

Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR manager

Bitrix24 integration via Zapier
Bitrix24 integration via Zapier

We talk a lot about the custom integration of Bitrix24 with other programs. But it is not always advisable to write new code to combine your system with another service or even device. At the moment, there are already solutions that allow direct integration. One of them is Zapier. We have repeatedly offered clients to use it, because it saves budgets. In this article, we talk about the features of such integrations.

Contacts in Bitrix24

15 April 2022

Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR manager

Contacts in Bitrix24
Contacts in Bitrix24

The CRM system Bitrix24 is there to automatize and enhance your business processes. Among dozens of useful tools and functions, there are those, that are responsible for saving your clients data. Find out more abut Contacts in the new Avivi blog article.

Magento – best eCommerce technology

Multi-functional, multipurpose product with a variety of capabilities for differently scaled businesses. Magento – the world leader in eCommerce platforms. And our team is able to provide effective IT solutions for your business.

Sales Tax Module for Bitrix24 has made purchases and sales more prompt and less demanding for the customers from the USA

Each country has its own individual taxation system. For instance, this system is multi-level and more complex in the US when compared to other countries. This entails a lot of obstacles for ordinary buyers, and even more for the business. In this article, we offer you information about Sales Tax Module — the Avivi solution which considers all types of taxes when working in CRM.

Projects are safe — Avivi relocated employees in case of instability in Ukraine

Attention! Important news for all Avivi'і clients and everyone who is going to become one. Due to the critical situation between Ukraine and Russia, the company's management decided to relocate the Ukrainian development team to Poland. Now nothing threatens the safety of your projects together with Avivi.

Bitrix24 integration with popular social networks and messengers

Nearly every customer using Bitrix24 integration asks questions regarding the possibility of integration with social networks or communication services. This comes naturally since every modern business can't function without communication with its customers. In this article, we will share the information on where everything will go smoothly with the integration and when our developers might need a prompt and qualitative elimination of some issues

What's the procedure of transferring the Working groups in Bitrix24?

When a user needs to transfer some important information in Bitrix24, we don't recommend doing it on their own. Not everything can be simply transferred via the "Cut" and "Insert" commands. Transferring data via the programmatic method requires in-depth knowledge usually possessed by qualified developers. We are proud that our employees are just like that, and in this article we share the transfer method of the Working groups.

What is an internal ticketing system in Bitrix24, and how does it function?

Every business owner is always in a constant search for new options of optimization and improvement. If the company is providing diverse customer support, one of the options is to establish an independent and custom-developed ticketing system in the Bitrix24 Portal to improve the customers' requests processing. This article could be useful for you if customer-oriented service provisioning is an important factor.

Bitrix24 CRM-form — guaranteed successful lead hunting

Internet form is one of the most efficient ways to get neccessary information from a lead or, at least, get and take the most valuable pieces from it. Bitrix24 offers the CRM-form 2.0 functionality, which allows to easily and quickly create the convenient forms and offer them to customers to be filled out using varios methods. 

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