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A "thing" that only gets in the way or the first effective assistant — why is the integration of Bitrix24 and CoPilot worthy of attention?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise and finds application in various sectors of the economy and spheres of life. In 2023, Bitrix24 received another package of updates, which included an almost complete integration with artificial intelligence from the IT giant Microsoft, which immediately became a top topic for study and discussion among product users. We at Avivi have been following the development of the interaction between Bitrix24 and CoPilot from the very beginning and now we have something to say.

A comprehensive solution for the development of infobusiness through the Discord bot from Avivi

Discord has long ceased to be a tool only for gamers. Today, many commercial projects are implemented here, which bring good benefits to their owners. An important role is played by the ability to automate the work of Discord, thanks to which you can create individual scenarios of interaction with the audience. In this article, we will talk about such a solution — a bot for selling an information product and managing server participants.

A solution for hiding phone numbers from users in Bitrix24 CRM Entities from Avivi

A phone number today is one of the key types of personal data that can become a subject of speculation among interested parties. In Bitrix24 CRM entities, this is open information available to all users of the system. Very often, Avivi specialists received questions about how to hide a phone number for employees while still being able to use it for business processes. And now we are happy to present a solution that solves this issue.

Avivi and numbers — the main thing for 2023

By unspoken tradition at the end of each year, companies publish reports, reviews or press releases with the results of previous activities. Who then reads such articles is not known for sure, but they still arouse a certain interest, especially among potential customers. 2023 was a difficult year for Avivi, but before the start of 2024, we have collected several important news that are worth talking about in general. And we will do it in numbers.

What should you know about halvings and how dangerous is it for Bitcoin owners?

Usually, halving is the most talked about on its eve — the rest of the time there are more useful and mundane topics for cryptocurrency owners. The most talked about is the halving of Bitcoin, although similar events in the work of the protocol are inherent to other coins. In this article, we decided to deviate from the traditional stories about implemented projects and development achievements, because around halving there are many manipulations aimed at only one thing — to take your money.

TON did not live up to the predictions! What happens next?

"Scam or reality?" "What's wrong with TON?", "When will the next bubble burst?" — about a year ago, such clickbait headlines simply flooded all information resources related to cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain technologies . Most experts were inclined to think that the ambitious plans of the guys from the Ton Foundation are just a risky marketing ploy to attract investment in a reanimated startup. But by the end of 2023, it is clear how much Tonkoin's supporters and opponents were wrong. Therefore, we in Avivi offer our own vision of the situation and a forecast for the very near future.

Running blockchain nodes: theory, features and expertise of the Avivi team

Own nodе of any decentralized network is the dream of blockchain developers and those willing to create their own effective solutions without hindrance, but at the same time it is a real pain for runners, and especially beginners in these matters. The Avivi team has deployed more than one node and already has unique experience in such matters, which will be useful even for experienced owners of these important components of the blockchain. In this article, we explain the general principles and provide valuable advice tested in practice.

What are the benefits of blockchain node providers and what Avivi is ready to offer your business

Extremely many good and promising ideas regarding the use of blockchain and the development of dApps break down at the very beginning due to the difficulties of the technical process. After all, for development and testing, you should have access to nodes of distributed networks and many other specific and expensive things. However, almost everything in our world can be obtained as a service. The same rules apply to blockchain.

Online store for a large jewelry company on Magento 2 from Avivi developers

For users of the online store of the Kyiv Jewelry Factory (KUZ), this looks like a site update — a common practice for every respectable brand on the Internet. However, from the development point of view, you are presented with a completely new resource, created almost from scratch on the basis of a completely different platform: one of the best solutions for eCommerce — Magento 2. In this article, we share the invaluable experience and challenges that have been overcome, which made the new online store times better than the previous one.

The custom Left Menu module in the Bitrix24 Portal from Avivi

The left menu of Bitrix24 accompanies users almost all the time of working with this product. There are many options and settings: both group and individual user. However, making a really perfect menu, hiding certain items or changing the appearance was not possible before. But now, with the new module for the on-premise edition of Bitrix24 from the Avivi team, all this and even more is possible!

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