Online Bitrix24.Documents, became even more convenient

Bitrix24 enhances the possibilities of collaboration and makes the documentation processing easier. In the new “Documents” section you will not only find all files being actively used, but you will also create new ones and co-edit them with your colleagues.

Avivi received its 10th positive review on

Real customer reviews are important for any business - this is the best visual illustration of professionalism, results and capabilities. There are many resources that provide the ability to review IT companies and have customer reviews written, but over the years, the site has taken the lead. Therefore, the tenth positive review is a significant achievement for Avivi.

When should you start working with Bitrix24?

Many entrepreneurs ask the question, "When should we set up Bitrix24?” As experienced business integrators, we know the most accurate answer,    today we will offer you      4 tips for      novice entrepreneurs and for those of you who still keep the setting-up part for later.


Bitrix24 demands your attention

20 May 2021

Mary Chernetska

Project Manager

Bitrix24 demands your attention
Bitrix24 demands your attention

Do your employees often miss important things or forget things? Forget about it with Bitrix24: The system is equipped with multiple notifications, alerts and reminders that will not let you miss or forget anything. Using these tools will take your business to a whole new level and greatly improve any business processes. Let's find out what the system can do.  

Corporate social network with Bitrix24

Do you love social media? Moreover, would you like to use social networking to work online directly for your company? Bitrix24 will give you this opportunity and offer a set of different tools to make your workflow as efficient as possible. Learn more about the features of the software and the nice features of working in a social network in the new article of our blog.

Bitrix24 for the complex merging of processes of any business

What is the best way to explain the use of Bitrix24  in the company without limiting itself to the words “for everything”? Indeed, this software has so many useful features that you can talk about it for hours. But we will try to make it as short and understandable as possible in this article, based not only on common phrases from the official description, but also on many years of experience and our own vision of the situation.

Bitrix24 vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most well-known business systems in the world, and especially in the Western market. When choosing this product for many users it is the first part of the name mentioning the world famous brand that is important. But is the Windows creators' work really that good and what can Bitrix24 offer in comparison? Let's sort it out together.

Preparing for a conversation with a Bitrix24 partner

The first communication with your future Bitrix24 partner is important, because not only the time you spend on the negotiations depends on it, but also largely predetermines your relationship in general. This article will be useful not only for those who are only beginning to get into Bitrix24, but also if you want to change your contractor or implement a new business idea based on this software.

Speed solves everything: what does Bitrix24 do for business faster than anyone else?

Using Bitrix24 can speed up quite a few different processes that used to take up valuable time and fatigue employees. And the higher the speed with which your company works, the more benefits you get at the end of the reporting period. We have prepared a story about the most important aspects of work, which with Bitrix24 get almost the first cosmic speed.


List as Product - Customization of the Document Generator Bitrix24

The document generator in the on-premice Bitrix24 interacts with many Entities, but it’s unable to display information from the Lists. This became a big problem for one of Avivi's clients, as the specifics of business processes were tied up at work with the Lists. Our team created a custom solution that can be useful to many Bitrix24 users with a similar logic

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