"Is FastAPI really better than Django in 2024?" — the opinion of the developer Avivi

Python steadily occupies the position of one of the leaders among modern programming languages both among developers and among customers of IT products. However, among the numerous frameworks of this programming language, if not an open struggle, then, rather, a healthy competition. Unfortunately, quite often our clients or young specialists do not fully understand the meaning of different frameworks, so today we will talk about a fairly common question: "Which framework is better?"

Avivi and numbers — the main thing for 2023

By unspoken tradition at the end of each year, companies publish reports, reviews or press releases with the results of previous activities. Who then reads such articles is not known for sure, but they still arouse a certain interest, especially among potential customers. 2023 was a difficult year for Avivi, but before the start of 2024, we have collected several important news that are worth talking about in general. And we will do it in numbers.

Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Sale

We are launching our Thanksgiving (Black Friday) Sale!

Halloween Sale

We are sharing with you Special offer discounts and conditions. Please note that the additional offer of our company will significantly save money and expand the capabilities of your Bitrix24!

Managing work schedules in Bitrix24

If company employees have different work schedules, departments synchronization and managing becomes a real challenge! Fortunately, Bitrix24 offers a handy Work Schedule tool that helps you maintain order and control processes.

Bitrix24 plans update

Bitrix24 plans will be updated on September 1st. New plans are more scaleable, so you can select the one that perfectly suits your needs.

Top 3 Achievements in August

The last month of summer is a time of generous harvests in many countries of the world. In just two weeks of August, Bitrix24 gathered three such important “fruits”! Let's look at what has changed for users of the system. Perhaps now is the time to start using these improvements. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer in more detail in personal communication.

The Magnificent Eight Sale

Eight is a magic number. There are eight bits in a byte. It’s the atomic number of oxygen and August is the eighth month of the year. That's why we are introducing the Magnificent Eight sale!

SMS into Bitrix24 CRM

There is a new option to get SMS into your CRM now! This method is not suitable for everyone, but it is possible to find any solution with our company.

No more <HTML> blocks!

Using custom HTML code in Bitrix24 Sites is not available! Search engines start blocking sites created with Bitrix24 Sites. Avivi company offers a solution to this problem, which will be very beneficial for all users.

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