Pizza Brick: all about developing a Play-to-Earn commercial crypto game with a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain by Avivi

Avivi has experience in game development and creation of game mechanics in partnership with other studios. But our team is always looking for development, so it's time for our own custom project. In this article, we tell you all about the new crypto game, from inception to release, created by our developers. We hope that it will be interesting to absolutely everyone, and especially to those who dream of developing their own game. After all, it is quite possible to develop it with our help.

Avivi's science promotion solution: create NFTs from your own scientific researches

Avivi continues to introduce blog readers to interesting and extraordinary solutions for WEB 3.0. This time we are talking in detail about the project of creating a service for people involved in science: scientists who have serious achievements, as well as students who are gaining new knowledge and researching new promising topics. The solution is completely built in Python, the best language for developing scientific projects, complex calculations and interacting with the blockchain. A successful solution was the use of NFT to popularize scientific articles and benefit their authors.

Why does Avivi love Python and what is this programming language capable of?

Throughout its history, Python has never lost its relevance, and the demand for developers is always high. We at Avivi have many years of programming experience in this language in individual projects. But over time, we faced a paradox: despite the constant rapid development of other technologies, the need for Python grows proportionally! What is the reason for the popularity and perspective of this language? We found out in this article.

What and why slows down the development of blockchain projects?

Blockchain has been known for a long time, but it is still viewed with prejudice and even hostility in many countries. Similarly, ordinary people stay away from this technology and are in no hurry to invest in the development of blockchain projects. The main reason for this is a misunderstanding of this concept and negative associations. It's good that in reality everything works completely differently and you can earn from the blockchain safely and a lot.

Solidity is the main language for creating smart contracts from Avivi

The concept of development is closely related to the programming language in which it takes place. Different languages ​​are suitable for different tasks, and smart contracts are no exception. Currently, the relevant language for creating smart contracts is and remains Solidity. We use it extensively in Aviva and talk about its features in this article.

Expanding the capabilities of smart contract automation by Avivi

Self-execution is one of the main advantages of smart contracts. But people often have a misconception: self-executing does not mean automated. That is why most of the usual automated processes in other services or systems cannot be achieved in the usual form of smart contracts on Solidity. In this article, we understand the issues of automation and give examples of solutions to some issues.

Hybrid smart contract and the role of the Oracles

In the world of smart contracts and blockchain, the name "Oracle" is often encountered. Of course, we are not talking about some soothsayer, although in the article we mention some real providence. We mainly analyze the issue of hybrid smart contracts, that is, those that use both on-chain and off-chain calculations. And, as always, we make it easy and interesting.

Why is the success of the NFT collection impossible without a smart contract?

The popularity of NFTs is attracting the attention of more and more people. Of course, everyone wants to make money by selling collections, even when they don't understand how everything works there. In this article, we highlight the importance of a smart contract in promoting a truly successful NFT project.

What should smart contract users know about ERC20 tokens?

Standardization of any processes is first of all necessary for the convenience of their configuration and correct operation. This also applies to the blockchain world, and especially to the important process of creating tokens and working with them. In this article, we will talk about tokens in general and the ERC20 standard in particular.

An audit is the last thing you need before the smart contract starts working

One of the important directions of our company's work has always been the audit of various IT projects. In most cases, it helped our clients to find weak points, reduce costs or optimize their business. But the audit of smart contracts is qualitatively different from everything else, and in this article we tell you why. And why is it so important?

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