Custom business process in Bitrix24 to improve the work of a sewing company from Avivi

Customization of Bitrix24 allows you to change and supplement the product exactly as your company needs. In this article, we will not tell about some complex solution or fundamental idea. However, the case of customization of the production process of a sewing company shows how effectively a painful issue can be solved thanks to automation. Experienced Avivi developers perform such tasks with high quality and enthusiasm, add their own considerations to the customer's ideas, which makes the final result much better.

Integration of Telegram bots with CRM Bitrix24 and custom chatbots from Avivi

Telegram bots are gaining more and more popularity all over the world, so Bitrix24 developers took care of the possibility of their integration with CRM. Now this operation can be done by almost every owner of Bitrix24 even without special knowledge and special skills. However, where to get a reliable assistant in Telegram is a different and more complicated matter. That's why it's good that Avivi not only integrates, but also creates bots of any level of complexity for your business.

The "Address" section`s fields customization in Bitrix24 and own drop-down lists

Saving customer addresses in the CRM entities is an extremely necessary contact information, without which a business is impossible. In general, Bitrix24 makes it possible to clearly indicate the address of a person or institution, and even to link the coordinates to an electronic map. But Avivi's clients needed special features to determine the address and our team created an effective solution using custom fields.

Kanban in Bitrix24 is clearly simple and convenient

The Kanban method is widely used in Bitrix24 to visualize the progress of various tasks in your company. In CRM, this appearance is set by default for Leads and Deals, in Tasks it is available at the user's request. Let's find out what it is, how it works and how it helps in promoting your business.

Let's build effective sales tunnels in Bitrix24!

Bitrix24 helps sell and automates many processes in the sales funnel. And if you have several funnels at once, the functionality of the "Sales Tunnels" tool will be useful. Without the involvement of specialists, you can quickly adjust the work in each of the funnels, as well as adjust the conditions for the transition of the Deals between them for the convenient and fast work of managers.

How to encourage the team to use CRM?

Avivi has considerable expertise in the implementation of Bitrix24 tools in the work of various enterprises and businesses. We have collected for you the best ways to motivate employees to use CRM, so that your innovation is not in vain, and money is spent correctly. More details in our article.

5 advices for working with Bitrix24 CRM

Quite often, CRM-system owners underestimate the capabilities of the tool with which they work. Are you using the functionality to its full potential? Setting up purchase funnels, communication between colleagues, process automation, possible integrations with Bitrix24 — learn more in this article.

Smart Process Automation in Bitrix24 — your own possible work with CRM scenarios

"Smart Process Automation" is a new block of work with CRM features, that appeared in "Bitrix24. Berlin" release. At first glance, this is something complex and incomprehensible, but we tried to tell as accurately as possible about the purpose of this functionality creation, and what you can possibly do with it. And, believe us, you can do a lot of things. 

Bitrix24 vs. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most well-known business systems in the world, and especially in the Western market. When choosing this product for many users it is the first part of the name mentioning the world famous brand that is important. But is the Windows creators' work really that good and what can Bitrix24 offer in comparison? Let's sort it out together.

CRM Bitrix24 helps the developers

One of the main tasks of any manufacturer is the implementation of products. And here it is not so important what he does: from knitting children's socks and scarves in his free time and ending with the construction of entire residential complexes. About how, heroically or not, the latter solves this problem, namely — the company-developers, we will try to understand the details.

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