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One of the main tasks of any manufacturer is the implementation of products. And here it is not so important what he does: from knitting children's socks and scarves in his free time and ending with the construction of entire residential complexes. About how, heroically or not, the latter solves this problem, namely — the company-developers, we will try to understand the details.

Multicurrency solutions in  Bitrix24 CRM

Avivi developers have solved the problem of concurrent using of multiple currencies in CRM for the on-premise version of Bitrix24. The tool allows companies that carry out international activities to get rid of the constant need to change the portal currency manually for transactions with entities of the CRM, as well as to create more and more new deals, accounts and offers.

How to raise a control to maximum power with the help of CRM

You are a manager, which means you need to control your employees. How do you do it? Do you try to keep all the strings in your hands? Don’t worry: sooner or later everything will get out of control in the best possible way ... And you can be protected from this case by using a CRM-system.

How to transfer the data?

04 October 2018

Vyacheslav Nahnybida

PR Manager

How to transfer the data?
How to transfer the data?

When you decide to change the CRM system or integrate a new one with a ready-made platform (website, online store, payment system, etc.), you will inevitably encounter the need to transfer data. The belief about the inevitable loss of information stops many of us. Do not be afraid: uploading, downloading or migration is not as scary as it may seem at first look. But they are important.

CRM Marketing Test

26 July 2018

Anastasiya Olexuk


CRM Marketing Test
CRM Marketing Test

Sometimes, we are not up to date with everything related to our work. But it’s never too late to learn. Especially with CRM marketing: you can read about the latest things, nuances of work with the tools, and daily problems in our review!

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