How to encourage the team to use CRM?

3 October 2022

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Mary Chernetska

Project manager

Mary Chernetska
How to encourage the team to use CRM?

No matter how successful a business is, no matter how modern its owner is, there is one thing that can nullify all initiatives and attempts at quality changes. The name of this mess is employees who resist innovation. Scary and confusing leads, automation, and CRM can strike fear into employees and their refined work patterns. Or maybe someone has these schemes so honed for his own benefit that he is not going to say goodbye to them? In any case, integrating modern business tools can be a litmus test to show your team's problem areas. We talked about the positive impact of Bitrix24 on the formation of corporate culture in our blog. And today we will take a detailed look at the best practices for motivating your employees to use CRM to the fullest!

Preparation, preparation and more preparation

  • Joint efforts. It is unlikely that you would be happy if one day your usual work system was replaced by something new with a logical justification "Because it is necessary." Abrupt changes cause irritation and anxiety about stability and the future. If possible, involve employees in choosing a CRM system to find out, for example, which integrations with which systems are needed, or to explain your choice.

  • Teaching. This is undoubtedly an important stage. And it is relevant both for managers and for managers and administrators of the portal. Correct use of tools, understanding of all functions, adjustment of work procedures — all this facilitates the process of transition to a new system. That is why the Avivi team offers training for businesses in the form of trainings and lectures, where managers are helped to learn how to use all the possibilities of CRM. Such an investment at the early stages will pay off in a big way.

  • Strengths. In order for employees to understand the significance of the innovation, explain the advantages of the product. Moreover, not only for the business, but also for the employees themselves. For example, Bitrix24 offers automation of routine processes, ready-made document templates, sales funnels. Such effective tools will help the manager to easily show the personal benefit to the employees.

  • Mobility. It is convenient if the system allows you to be less tied to the workplace. For certain businesses and their sales force, the use of a mobile application for invoicing or creating deals immediately during or after a customer meeting will be a significant advantage.

  • Feedback. Ask for feedback from your employees. After some time after starting to use the system, be sure to find out about the impressions of your team. What difficulties do they have? What remains unclear or fails? What is missing? Maybe your long-term success is just one customization away!

  • Answers. Employees will inevitably have questions about the proper operation of the system. Even after studying. Even after repetition. And maybe even after another study. So provide a source of answers to questions. This can be official documentation or an internal file. It is important that there is a source of answers that is open and accessible to all.

  • Gamification. We considered in detail the capabilities of Bitrix24 for the gamification of the work process in our article. Quizzes, ratings, thanks, questionnaires, ... The list can easily be continued, because gamification is increasingly making its way into various areas of our lives, and the more diverse techniques the management will use, the more enthusiastic the employees will be.

  • Own example. Agree, it will be strange if super-expensive, high-quality and cool software that takes business to a new level is used by everyone except management. You are the first to register in the system. Therefore, take care of system integration at all levels

  • The only rules. Consolidating workflow communication into a single source is a good way to improve cross-departmental communication. For example, Bitrix24 offers a whole ecosystem for this: Live feed, personal chats, group or project chats. For employees, this is an opportunity not to miss notifications and to have contact with management if necessary. In addition, it is a good way to systematize work thanks to uniform rules and requirements for all employees.


An old notebook is no better than two new CRMs

However, no matter how hard you try, remember that CRM is not for everyone. We talked in detail about those who cannot work in Bitrix24. To summarize, modern tools and, accordingly, will not be able to develop further:

  • conservatives — such workers will actively resist innovations and will try in every possible way to sabotage them, arguing for this, for example, the dubious reliability of technologies;

  • non-system workers — in addition to CRM, Bitrix24 offers a wide range of tools for conducting business. Violation of sequences of actions at a certain stage of the process can harm the work of not only a specific employee, but also the entire department or even the company;

  • inattentive — active work in the portal means a lot of interaction through chats, tasks and groups. If the employee did not worry about setting up the portal "for himself", then from the number and variety of notifications, he will only train his vision to become unfocused, but by no means effective work;

  • cunning and lazy — thanks to Bitrix24 tools, it will be impossible to simulate hectic activity: the employment and workload of employees can be seen in the palm of the hand, and the manager can see information about the worker at any time without waiting for reports.

To be afraid of CRM is to not know your Partner

CRM implementation can be a stressful process for some employees. The dictatorial imposition of new work orders will only cause rejection. If you plan to use CRM for business, you should not save money and try to implement everything yourself. And a cheap, inexperienced integrator is unlikely to be able to correctly configure the system and teach your employees how to use it. Therefore, if you want to not only implement CRM, but also keep the team, we recommend contacting a reliable and proven partner.

Therefore, the implementation of CRM is also a way to evaluate the team in a new way. To make the process of mastering the new system as easy and painless as possible, we advise you to pay special attention to the partner company that will deal with it. Long-term market presence, positive experience of integration in companies of various sizes, a strong technical and management team ready to provide support are important parameters for evaluating reliability. Our company, by the way, fully meets all the mentioned parameters.

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