5 advices for working with Bitrix24 CRM

23 September 2021

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Vyacheslav Nahnybida


Vyacheslav  Nahnybida
5 advices for working with Bitrix24 CRM

Every tool in the hands of the user must be properly applied, and CRM-system is no exception. We can hammer in screws with a hammer or drive nails in with a screwdriver, but the result of these activities will always be questionable. CRM Bitrix24 - a versatile tool for sales and customer interaction, but it is necessary to follow the simple but specific rules. Some of them are applicable to any CRM-system, others are applicable only to Bitrix24. Today we have listed 5 simple tips that will make this tool comprehensive and make you a true expert.

ADVICE #1 — Work thoroughly

Oddly enough, the most obvious advice is often neglected. If you have already started working with CRM Bitrix24, do it carefully and thoughtfully. Enter each client's data into the CRM, fill out mandatory fields and transfer entity cards only under certain conditions. Forget about sticker labels! If a lead or transaction is not automatically created, transfer them manually. Blank fields lead to statistical inaccuracies and therefore spoil the overall company picture. Every communication or discussion with colleagues should be reflected in the system. Not for nothing is it equipped not only with functionality aimed at clients, but also with convenient functionality for internal company contacts.

 Advice #2 — Optimize your shopping funnel

Time is money, every extra step is irrelevant, therefore it is a waste of your resources. Optimize the purchase funnel, get rid of useless intermediate steps that do not generate any value. Discuss with your colleagues the steps that are mandatory for your company, as well as those that can be eliminated, and create a perfect purchase funnel chain specifically for your business.


An example of an optimized funnel — concise and to the point.

Advice #3 — Create multiple funnels

Don't try to squeeze everything into one purchase funnel. This won't get you anywhere, but rather will cause confusion and delays. Bitrix24 plans provide multiple purchase funnels for individual destinations. So, there's no need to load one funnel with all the types of services your company offers: create multiple funnels and customize them as needed. This is a simpler and more efficient way to set up your CRM.

Adivice #4 — provide even more automation

Every next version of Bitrix24 gets fleshed out with new jobs and triggers. They can and should be integrated into the process to automate business processes in the company. Even previous versions of robots can help in optimization (you can read more about it in Avivi's blog): change the steps, send for approval, create notifications. It's important to examine your CRM carefully and find areas that have not yet been automated. If you can't find them, contact a partner, they can help you find them, set them up and implement automation in your business processes with Bitrix24 .

Advice #5 — customize

Even cloud Bitrix24 edition is open for introduction of the specific additional possibilities. If you have a box edition — even better, as you have a great opportunity to customize your CRM with the Partners’ assistance, and create additional conditions for your company’s growth. You are presented with the feasibility to customize your CRM exclusively for your business. For instance, one of our clients requested agreements’ cards customization to have the pictures of the goods displayed in Kanban directly. It serves as a guide for both managers and warehouse workers for processing orders of the clients efficiently.

We hope you find our advices useful, and if you found some piece of information to be unclear, address Avivi’s specialists for a free consultation. Fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you.

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